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Viteo – Antlers, bunnies, eagles and really cool furniture

Viteo Outside Lamps

What does it say about you when you photograph your products surrounded by models wearing animal heads? One thing for sure, it means you stand a good chance of being featured in a Modenus blog. We have featured the outdoors shower from Austrian company Viteo before, and won’t be able to resist showing it again. In fact their whole outdoor range is rather splendid, quirky enough to be interesting but solid and functional as well.

What you are seeing above, apart from men in buck heads, are Lounge Chair High and the Zoe Solar Outdoor Lamp. The chair is made out of oiled teak and is part of a very smart collection which  includes tables, other chairs, a BBQ , swings and just about everything except the kitchen sink. Actually, that’s not true. It does  include an outdoor kitchen sink, we will show it to you if you click on ‘read more’.

The Solar light is very clever. It comes with rechargeable batteries in light head.  Fifteen hours of sunshine will give you 5 to 6 hours light.  If, like me, you live in the UK where fifteen hours of sunshine is better known as ‘summer’ then you will be pleased to know that a charging device is also available. Viteo outside sink and grill

As promised, the kitchen sink, In fact a whole outdoor kitchen. Lets hope Lapin isn’t on the menu. The sink and table are made from stainless steel and oiled teak.  They are  part of a range which includes BBQs and more. The pictures of those don’t feature bunny heads so if you want to see them you are going to have to get the Viteo catalog. Sorry.

Some of the Viteo products are however so cool that we are showing them even though they are not modeled by human/bunny hybrids.

Viteo Urban CampfireUrban Campfire is cool in any one’s book. Or hot. One of those. It is made from concrete and Fuoco.

Viteo Swing

This is the swing from the home range. You can sit on it, lie on it, whatever your health and safety officer allows.  And those cubes are actually seats. And the colour intensity and speed can change according to your mood. These aren’t solar powered, they need to be plugged in. But they do come with an optional smartly dressed chicken man. Or is that an eagle?

Viteo Cube

Eagle, I think. Two more products we like and then a gratuitous picture of a woman with a bunny head in an outdoor shower that we have shown before and will probably show again.

Viteo Sun Lounger

The Home range includes more traditional sun loungers but for those who aren’t so worried about curvature of the spine this is the Hanging Sun Lounger. I suspect it is extremely comfortable and I know that it looks both simple and graceful. And talking of graceful:

Viteo Sun Sail

This is the Tuarec roll-up sun sail with hand-wheel . Viteo tell us that the oblique design of the awning causes  a thermal current underneath and avoids water bank-up, which is good news. They also warn, however that when the wind speed is greater than  19 kph the sailcloth must be rolled up. Taking off with your sunshade  is never a good look. Under the sunshade we see the more traditional forms of the Home Sun Lounger, still very elegant.

Viteo Stand on Shower

And we still want one of these. It is a stand-on shower. You plug in a hose, stand on it and depending on your water pressure you either get wet toes or experience a full shower. Not that you’ll feel it through one of these;

Viteo Stand on Shower

We did promise. We probably would have featured Viteo even if it wasn’t for their highly entertaining product shots. Their products are innovative, elegant and fun. And yes, there are even more animal/people in their catalog.

  • http://www.thebeanbagstore.com Kelly Stone

    The stand on shower is a great idea. If there is a heater component it would be a dream for us here in MN.


  • http://www.thefantasydecorator.com JulieB

    I had not come across Viteo before – will definitely be checking out their site now!


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