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Trend spotting – Colour or color, it’s back.

‘Colour’ or ‘color’, whichever,  whatever, it’s back. Having gazed at a good many sites, blogs and trade shows over the last couple of months we believe there is a very strong trend for a greater use of color.

Amor Sofa

It’s evident in outdoors furniture such as the Kho chairs we blogged about and other products such as the Amor Sofa (above) and wall papers from Black Crow Studios.

And a confident use of color is also evident as part of the other trend we spotted – the return of wall paper. OK, so it never really went away but we are seeing more small specialist producers such as  Camilla Meijer (below),  Timorous Beasties and the aforementioned Black Crow Studios.  The greater use of digital print technology is a factor in this, of course, although a number of producers tell us they prefer silk screening and other traditional printing techniques.

Camilla Meijer

Wall paper is, of course, a great option for clients who would rather be moving  or remodeling, but are hamstrung by the economic climate and the housing market. People  only succumb to belt tightening and a  zeitgeist of moribund pessimism for so long.  Sooner or later they want to cheer themselves up. And if the move to be bigger home or the new wing isn’t possible the feature sofa might be. Failing that, pillows, paint, lights and wallpaper will do the job.

We’ve noticed a trend amongst designers as well. You seem to be more willing than ever to look at how you do business, to find new ways of discovering and meeting client’s desires in a cost effective and profitable way.  Which is, of course, what Modenus is all about.  There is also a keen awareness of the need to get out and find work. The days of sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring have gone. Anyone else remember this one?


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    I love that sofa! So whimsical. How could you not sit on that couch and be happy happy happy? Color is good for the spirit. Enough white already!!! :) :) :)


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