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The Table and the Hare

With apologizes to Aesop, in this particular fable, the Hare does win the race. Rob Hare has been working with wood in some form or other for a number of years – crafting hand hewn furniture that is both ‘artisan’ in nature, yet contemporary in styling (not that they can’t be mutually exclusive, mind you.)

Using a power planer, a marking gauge, a belt sander, a palm sander, and winding sticks (go look up winding sticks), Rob is able to tame even the largest planks of wood.  He fashions them into exquisite tables and desks, all which work well with his chairs of course – and in a world where stories matter, isn’t this the best kind of story?  A furniture story that you can tell over and over because like Aesop’s fables – this too will be passed on for generations.

See all of Rob’s work on Modenus

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