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The Most Romantic Rings – Forever Holding Hands

This is about as intimate, and romantic, as you can get with a band of gold. Also available in white gold, silver and platinum, broard and slender, polished or not, the inside of the ‘You and Me’ ring is an impression of your partners finger. If you are lucky enough to be near enough, or passing by, you can call into Patrick Laing’s studio in London’s Bloomsbury or they will send you everything necessary to make the impressions.

The idea for the rings came to Patrick from a tiny nugget of gold his father brought back from a trip to the Klondike in the Yukon Canada, home of the Last Great Gold Rush. Patrick was still a child, 11 or 12 perhaps and  his father suggested that he could melt it down into something at some point in the future.

Patrick still has the nugget and have always adored its sparkling texture. Years later he was playing around with a variety of moulding materials in the studio for another project and found it impossible not to become intrigued by the precise and expressive detail of the finger prints he was generating and thought of the Klondike Gold.

Patrick says the bespoke finger print wedding rings are the product of both childhood and adult fascinations for material and play. And ultimately a desire to realise objects that encourage the participation of the owner, creating an enduring cherished object.

There is something very wonderful about holding hands with the one you love. With rings from Patrick Laing you can go about your day knowing they are always holding yours.




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