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The Modenus Project Manager – simple projects in a few easy steps

Resources are crucial for designers but the management of those resources is even more important and because we want Modenus to be a free tool for the design trade, a tool that will allow them to find and manage resources profitably, we’ve not only created the standard set of favorites folders but along with that a full fledged project management application that allows trade pros to save products to a specific project, assign products to specific spaces and complete final specifications for a product in order for the client to approve.

And we know that any application is only worthwhile if people use it, so we made it as easy as possible. Below you will find a few highlights of the key components of the project manager. But of course it’s easiest to simply log in as trade and try for yourself.

A. Project Set up

To set up a new project in the project manager click on the + sign in the top right corner, above the contacts box. This will open a window with five tabs.

1.Project Details:

Enter a title for the project, a brief description and the most important client contact information

2. Address:

Here you can elaborate on Shipping, Billing and Job site information

3. Room Set up:

In this tab, you can create every individual space you’ll be working on in the project. This will help you later in assigning products to one or more rooms.

4. Documents:

You can load up any documents that pertain to the project for easy review.

5. Contacts:

Finally, this is where you can upload all contacts that will be involved in the project, such as contractor, architect, sub contractor and more. All your contacts in one easy to view place for you and your design team.

B. Saving products to a project


When you get to a product you like you will see an option to save to a specific project with a drop down list of all your current projects. Here you can simply select the correct project or even open a new one, which you can later complete in your project manager.

C. And your saved products landed right back in your project folder – cool, huh? Welcome to the Product Planner!

Once you’ve saved a product to a specific project, you will find it again when you return to your project manager. We understand that you’re busy and may want to review products later on so we’ve placed them into your PRODUCT PLANNER for that project. Every product in the planner can be

  1. Shared via email or to any of your social media sites
  2. Deleted, we have lots of amazing products so it’s ok to change your mind
  3. Saved. You can save to one, several or all of the spaces you’ve created in “Room set up” when you first created the project. You didn’t yet? No problem. You can always add a room from this feature as well.
  4. Viewed. Click on the little “quick view” bar in each image for details on that product

D. The Project tracker – final stop for your product

After you’ve assigned products to a specific space you will find them again, ordered by space or product category, this time in your PROJECT TRACKER. Here you can add very specific product information to ready the product for approval by the client and for ordering.

You will be able to specify quantity, price, finish, color, material and add lots of notes . You will notice that products that have been assigned to numerous spaces will show up separately in each space, allowing separate specifications if necessary.

You can also give access to team members or even a client. The client can then review the project tracker and approve each item either online, in which case you can view an activity report showing that the client has approved an item, or if you prefer you can print a copy and add to your paper file.

You will find we’ve added a quite a few more features, like a calendar for each project that is also visible from your main dashboard, for an at-a-glance update on what’s happening with all your projects.

And there are tabs for photos and drawings. Here you can upload any visuals that pertain to that project to use as a refresher or simply to store in an organized fashion for you and your design team to review at any time.

Stay tuned to your Modenus newsletter and our Twitter channels for updates on new Modenus features.

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