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The devil is in the detail – look twice at Timorous Beasties

Iguana wallpaper by Timorous Beasties

Timorous Beasties are relentless in making headlines for their boldly colored damasks, over scaled florals and, uniquely, their obsession with all things dark, surreal and slightly creepy. We love them as much for their mastery of technique as for their willingness to go several steps further and embed little eerie surprises into what, on the surface, seem to be traditional patterns. Typical, is the Glasgow Toile. Typical of Timorous Beasties that is, not typical of anyone else.  At first glance it is reminiscent of the magnificent vistas portrayed on early 1800s Toile de Jouy wallpaper, but closer inspection reveals a nightmarish vision of contemporary Glasgow where crack addicts, prostitutes and the homeless are depicted against a forbidding backdrop of dilapidated tower blocks and scavenging seagulls. Probably not a first choice for the nursery walls. Above we’re featuring the Iguana collection, which doesn’t attempt to hide anything at all. The traditionally inspired pattern makes even birds and pineapples appear ominous. Still, we love the colorway and salute the courage to pull this off. Bird branch wallpaper by timorous beasties

Slightly less frightening, but only slightly, we ask ourselves if those are huge centipedes at the bottom of the trees or are we now becoming paranoid? Are we wrong to be paranoid? Or is paranoia the choice of the wise?  Bird Branch comes in three colorways, here we’re showing black on gold.

berberini bee wallpaper by timorous beastie

The Bee is omnipresent at Timorous Beasties and we love this one for it’s negative exposure as well as for the choice of color. This is Barberini Bee and also available in three colorways.

tree of life wallpaper from timorous beasties

Tree of Life is part of the Solid Wallcoverings collection and is intended for the contract market. The designs are digitally printed and can be custom sized to fit a whole wall precisely.

decoupage street scene at timorous beasties

Does anyone else make wall paper with images of CCTV cameras, people loitering with ill-intent, barbed wire and waste bins? Would anyone else dare?

Devil damas flock by timorous beasties

And remember flock wall paper? In the UK, not so long ago, it adorned the walls of every Indian restaurant. This will not be appearing at your local Tandoori Hut. Look closely and what do you see? How do you feel?

Happy Halloween to our friends, or is that fiends, at Timmerous Beasties.  Sleep well everyone.


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