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Suspended in mid air – Robert Bernstein architecture and furniture design

A few weeks ago I spoke to an architect who had asked me if I knew of some “cool architecture” he could go see while on a five hour layover in London on his way to an installation in Dubai. My first inclination was to tell him that a five hour layover in London wouldn’t allow him to do much more than get a cup of coffee at the Heathrow Starbucks, since the eternally congested city would surely make him risk missing his plane if he dared venture away from the airport and into the city proper for some sightseeing. But, ever the London aficionado, I devised a quicky tour of things I would do if I was only given five hours and wanted to get a glimpse of London. The sights I mentioned however did very little to impress him and had I looked at his portfolio first I would have known that the focus had to be on really edgy architecture, preferably something very suspended.

The architect I speak of is Robert Bernstein, an architect and designer with vision for large structures who is able to translate his sensibility into weightless designs for unique pieces of furniture and commercial displays.

Millenium bridge

The Millenium bridge, one of few suspended examples I could point out to Robert, was just as unceremoniously closed for two years as it had been opened since it was a bit too suspended at first and had swayed precariously in the London breeze.

Suspended in Soho, what a beautiful “barely there” quality

Interesting concept  but how do you rock back and forth on your chair in order to drive everyone else crazy?

So clean and pure and lythe, but has anyone tested this one?

Ok now those are just great, really great, I mean Modenus-office-this-is-what-I-want great. Robert! Where? When? How much?

And finally so sublime I had to post two images….

…the “wave” desk, aptly named I think. There has to be an award for that, right?

  • http://www.MirrorPatinas.com Regina – Fauxology

    Love the lines on all of these but I esp. like the suspended bed. I agree on the “wave” desk – sublime.


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