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Stockholm Furniture Fair – Tim’s Top Picks Part Three

'Moo', light by Northern Lighting More from Modenus Tim at the Stockholm Furniture Fair with part three of his Top Picks focusing on lights and lighting. And what better place to start than a light up  Moose head. ‘Moo’, of course, is part of a distinctly modern, often playful range by Northern Lighting  of Norway.

Bender light by Northern LightingMeet Bender, also by Northern Lighting. Not, we suspect, named after the malevolent automata from Futurama but still with a touch of comic book science fiction about it. We can’t help wondering if it started off as a reading lamp before someone got the units of measurement wrong, a sort of Spinal Tap Stone Henge scenario in reverse. I’m guessing about half of our readers will follow those references.

Lights by LusWe featured pillows by LUS a couple of days ago and, in our humble opinions, their lights are worth a second look as well. They are hand made from paper and reminiscent of skirts worn by nubile women dancing on the desert islands of our dreams. Or is that just me? Oh.

Lights from OrsjoDistinctly Swedish lights from Orsjo. I wanted to share these simply because they were unlike anything else at the show.  Kvist is designed by Jonas Bohlin and available in rough copper or white.

Lights by Macmaster DesignsIt is always good to see familiar faces and we were delighted to run into Macmaster Designs who were showing their graceful plywood lights. lights. Every time we see them, Macmaster seem to be showing something new and it is invariably delightful.

Lights by &Tradition

Lights by &TraditionAs you can see, more lights from Danish lighting specialists & Tradition. They claim to be true to their Nordic roots and we acknowledge that there is something distinctly Scandinavian about their work be it curved and harmonious or angular and abrupt. Yet another range we are always pleased to see.

Lights by KlongMore lights we like. This time from Klong. Frustratingly we couldn’t find the lights on the Klong web site but we would urge you to visit it just so that you can hear just what a “klong’ is.

Lights by Tom RossaeLights by Tom Rossae and, in the background, Tom himself. Tom is Danish, makes lights from wood veneers and confesses to a childhood spent playing with logo. He also acknowledges the sea creature inspiration for many of his lights.

Lights by David TrubridgeAnd finally, for today, we freeze our bits off in Stockholm and what do we find? Lights from our favourite Kiwi, David Trubridge. In order to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and transport, David makes many of his lights as a sort of flat pack to be assembled at their destination. Something of a Swedish tradition?

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    GREAT picks Tim!!!


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