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Still crazy after all those years – a Bathroom Blogfest contribution

Mad men lawn photo

Ah the bliss of the early 60s, values still so wonderfully steeped in the traditions of the 40s and 50s, values that on the surface had to be upheld at all cost, the marriage, the family, the well paying job. But there was something pulling on the reins of good old American family values, not much at first, just a little tuck here and there. A red pump with slightly higher heels, a still 50s style dress but a tad shorter and another tad tighter, all symbols of a push towards a shift in those values. The early 60′s, so well illustrated in the successful Mad Men series, were a dichotomy. The starting point for a very busy decade that attempted to free itself from old fashioned conservatism and a new sense of personal liberation. Where do bathrooms come in? They went from wholesome havens to temples of temptation. yellow bathtub 50s style bathroom

60s style bathroom with woman in pink dress

Like in no other decade did sensuality battle against propriety and sexism against sexuality. They were all quite equally represented, initially at least, until the pure lust for life and freedom won the battle. For a while anyway and maybe only on the surface, but win it did and the mid to late 60s were a smorgasbord of exuberant style, fashion, rebellion and sensuality.

60s black and white big hairdo

60s style futuristic bathroom sink

circular 60s bathroom design

And today? Where are we today, some 40 years later? Fixtures and fittings have evolved to new levels of greatness, surface options are endless and there for the creative mind’s taking, but really, the seductive, sensual feel of the spa-like space above would be just as apropos in one of today’s well designed interiors as it was back then and…

60s magazine clipping with huge earrings

Mimo vanity collection by laufen …our attempts to relive the mod styles of the 60s are even more apparent now than ever before as the Mimo collection by Laufen will attest to. Still crazy after all those years…we hope!

Bathroom Blogfest 2010 Participants:

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Linda Wright

LindaLoo Build Business With Better Bathrooms – http://lindaloo.com/

  • http://simplemarketingblog.com C.B. Whittemore

    Veronika, this is beyond description magnificent! I love the juxtaposition of hair dos, interiors, patterns, shapes and colors. So perfectly Mad Men inspired.

    Thank you for taking part in Bathroom Blogfest 2010. You’ve inspired us all!


    PS: love the very furry bathroom carpet.

  • http://www.bes.co.uk plumbing

    Old fashion still strikes everyone’s attention. Doing some bathroom which is inspired by old fashion is a great idea. They were all equally represented as one great bathroom. Also, the nice to hear that Fixtures and fittings have evolved to new levels of greatness, surface options are endless and there for the creative mind of everyone.


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