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Skirting, cornice, architrave and roses – how very modern? Meet Solomon and Wu


Some things are of their time. London’s red phone boxes, any phone boxes in fact, typewriters, film for cameras. And until we saw these wondrous mouldings from Solomon and Wu it didn’t occur to us that there was such as thing as a truly modern ceiling rose, skirting, cornice or architrave. Legend has it, well lets be honest, Jake Solomon told us, the idea came to Jake and Michael as they wandered around the grand public spaces and found themselves more entranced by the architectural details than the art on display. They say their aim is to create mouldings that belong to the world we inhabit today. We say bravo and wonder why no one else seems to have thought of it. This is known as Linear Structure and it comes as architrave as well.


The difference this makes to the room is remarkable. On a recent trip to the States I found myself looking round many lovely, relatively recent houses wondering what was missing. I think I know – you guys need some modern moldings!


And if you are looking for something a little more Gaudi-esque, how about Organic Structure? So much comes to mind, maybe the webs built by unknown beasties that you gazed at, fascinated, as a child, or the old Odeon cinemas? A seasoned architect once told me to pay attention to transitions, places where differing materials or surfaces meet. Once you’ve seen these are you really happy with a dull right angle?


Now I’ve always had a thing for nice, generous, high skirting boards. I’ve never liked those mean little things that look they’ve been hammered in to hide something. But I’ve never thought that skirting could be a point of interest. That has just changed.


And I did promise you a ceiling rose. The Cubist Rose is available in 600mm and 1150mm diameters. Some lights look good hanging from a bare ceiling, but not many. The traditional rose is great but in some settings just a bit too, well, traditional. This is an alternative for discerning designers and design enthusiasts. Our sincere thanks to Solomon and Wu.

  • Jollyangelina

    Wonderful stuff – am requesting the price of the ceiling rose as we speak.


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