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Six amazing New York minutes – our Brizo event recap

New York Building

New York is truly an amazing city and people travel here from all over the world for it’s commerce and culture and end up immersed in the buzz and dynamic of the city that doesn’t sleep and the people that keep it awake. New York is a city of lights and colors suspended on a canvas of grey, with it’s billboards and cabs and theatres and shops beckoning passers by. And while a selected group of bloggers didn’t get to spend too much time seeing all of that, we were certainly caught in the buzz of the town and created our very own New York minutes. (Image above courtesy of mementosis)

Brizo taps

Minute 1: Our gracious host Brizo invited to a session about products, trends, prototypes and more and we gladly attended. So many stunning designs under way, but shhh, sworn to secrecy.

mini-tagine-serie Barbès in Manhattan

Minute 2: Drinks and dinner at Barbès in Manhattan was a pure pleasure.

Coffie with smile

Minute 3: A design challenge at 8am in the morning. I could post a picture of the bloggers involved but that would ruin the appeal of this blog so let’s just say no one was in entirely pristine condition. The task at hand was to create a design concept for a luxury bath in ten minutes, pitch it and then develop the design using Google SketchUp. Four finalists were chosen in the morning and the winner was going to be revealed later that day……

Jason Wu fashion show on Mercer Street in Soho

Minute 4: The Jason Wu fashion show on Mercer Street in Soho. Spectacular fashions emphasized the new sense of transparency that seems to be au currant in media, politics and now also on the catwalk.

Minute 5: A private cocktail party, organized by the folks at Brizo, featuring Jason Wu in person and held at the Showtime Show house in Manhattan. Three penthouses, ok this concept escapes me, isn’t a penthouse the top floor of a building? Then how did we manage to get three penthouses into this one building? At any rate, amazingly talented design teams had been given the task to decorate with famous tv series, like The Borgias, Californication and Dexter in mind. Some gory, some bizarre, some quirky and some just lush and sexy, much like the shows themselves.

Brizo design challenge

Brizo design challenge

The final minute: And what better way to end an incredibly fast paced and inspiring 30 hours but for our team to be able to present a design idea to a panel of distinguished judges and actually win the Brizo design challenge. The four of us, Maggie, Bob, Celine and I had spent hours designing, arguing, sketching, arguing, specifying and probably arguing some more but in the end, and with the help of SketchUp guru Mike Tadros, we proudly presented a great little design number.

So here you have six minutes spent learning, designing and socializing but most importantly being inspired by the people that Brizo had pulled together for this event. An eclectic group of writers, architects and designers from all over the US and Canada that hope to prove that a few short minutes spent conveying a message may be worth more than any effort trying to reach thousands every single time. Thanks for having us Brizo!

Oh and Erin sweetie ?! Being sustainable is only the icing on the cake or in this case the cork on the chaise.


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