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Shaw Stephens – cows, cream and craftmanship

Bench by Shaw Stephens

Shaw  Stephens is a furniture design and craftsmanship business set in the heart of English West CountryDevon, best know for green pastures and clotted cream.  And their furniture is extraordinary. I have just spent half an hour which should have been filled with phone calls and writing, gazing at his web site. All the while cheerfully distracting colleagues, calling them over to my screen with  shouts of  ‘Just look – its gorgeous’.

Indulge me, let me do the same for you.

The bench shown above, known as Bench 130, lives in Kingsbridge, South Devon.  Two adults can sit on the long cantilevered seat, counterbalanced by the base blocks and mid level section which forms a table at the opposite end. Discreet stainless steel fittings secure each component to the next, and adjustable feet ensure the bench always sits level.

Garenton Table by Shaw Stephens

This is the Garenton Table. Wide ‘butt ends’ of oak boards form the top surface of this table for a restored weaver’s house in central Brittany, France. Natural splits and cracks are held together in a traditional way with dovetail keys. A hidden steel plate supports the top, keeping it perfectly flat and true.

Walnut Sideboard by Shaw Stephens

This Walnut Sideboard has satin lacquered doors with recessed handles that slide smoothly in a shallow machined groove. The walnut cabinet has a beveled front edge framing the doors, and sits on a simple base. The Modenus team have been debating the difference between fashion and style. This is style.

Carlyle Bedsides by Shaw Stephens

These Crisp white lacquered cabinets made for the master bedroom suite of a fully refurbished Victorian townhouse are known as Carlyle Bedsides. The relief pattern to the door fronts incorporates a discreet handle to gain access to a sycamore lined interior with traditionally fitted drawers. Clever huh?

Shaw Stephens has been making bespoke pieces for both individual clients and corporate design companies across Britain and Europe since 2006. If it hasn’t got a US distributor by the time the digital ink dries on this blog we will be amazed.


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