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Seeing in color: Shades of grey and barely a whisper

Nomadic Wonderland textile by Eunsuk Hur

Such a powerful color the color that isn’t, grey,  is the base for so many amazing designs, allowing all the focus to rest on texture, shape, the play of light on the surface or the complete absorption of light on a dust like surface. The textile design above is by Eunsuk Hur who after moving to London from South Korea has graduated from the Central St. Martin’s school of design and is already leaving her mark on the fashion and interiors world by combining laser cut, acid printed and etched fabrics into textural pieces that move and shift and play with light and shadow.

Print by Alessia Giardino

Barely there, whispers of patterns and design and an unexpected surface. Alessia Giardino provokes concrete into being in it’s most subtle, weightless state as she paints using photo catalytic cement. “The print has been made using a specific kind of cement that in reaction with light works as a catalyst, dissolving pollutants in the air. Acting as a second skin, the pattern itself could ultimately contribute to clean the environment around.”

Surface design by Alessia Giardino

Surface design by Alessia Giardino

Also a graduate student of Central St. Martins Alessia focuses on textile and surface design, in search of connections between chemistry, design and the environment. Her designs in concrete are studies in a material that is ever changing and where even the  faintest of footprints makes a huge impact.

Wallpaper and mural designs by Andere Monjo for Tres Tintas.

Finally, yet another graduate of St. Martins, Andere Monjo applies different techniques that still result in the same wistful use of shades of grey. Airy, fanciful creatures float across his wallpaper and mural designs for  Tres Tintas.

  • http://funandfit.org AlexandraFunFit

    Wow, I love the concrete. Even though I’m a redhead (exactly as gorgeous as the model above), I do not like to wear grey. It’s just too boring of a color for clothing, I believe. But I want that concrete.

  • http://www.colorbudz.com funcolors

    Stunning blog post. Enjoyed the various works and shades of gray you chose to feature.

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