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Seeing in Color – Rajasthan Pink

There was a lot of really good furniture at Highpoint this year and we will be blogging about our favorites as soon as we have recovered from the drive. That’s six hundred miles without a decent cup of coffee.  Must have been the first time anyone has ever wondered why there aren’t more Starbucks outlets!

As I was saying,  lots of very good furniture to be seen and some clear trends towards the organic, natural look which is increasingly popular with consumers.

However, the cabinets on display from Sang and Serena really stood out. They were probably the only pieces about which we could honestly say that there was nothing else quite like them on show.

Sang and Serena import extraordinary furniture from the Indian State of Rajasthan. Inlays are made from bone and mother of peal. The bone comes from camels that have passed on naturally, the mother of pearl from the shells of water dwelling mollusks. It is an art which dates back, in the region, to the 17th Century.

These cabinets need space to be appreciated and they are not for the shy. This is furniture which gets talked about.

These cabinets take around 21 days to make and would look even better in an otherwise uncluttered room than they do in an, er, old power station?

Here’s some detail.

Equally intricate but less bright, a gery cabinet.

And  detail from something similar in black.

Sang and Serena also import hand block printed textiles. They are 100% cotton  with an extraordinarily soft, fine texture.

Again, some detail in red,

and blue.

  • http://letstalktile.blogspot.com Zoe

    Beautiful! Not for everyone, but stunning nonetheless. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.ceilingfan.org Melissa

    I love the furniture! Thanks for sharing. I usually don’t like pink furniture but love the detailing.


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