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Product spotlight – Hello Narnia, and other secret places

We loved this when we saw it. Not sure how easy it would be to get the vacuum cleaner in and out but definitely very cool for kids who want a sense of their own space. And maybe for adults with a Narnia fixation?

It was made by Maple Seed Renovation and all credit to them for being able to interpret a clients brief so well.

The picture set us thinking about other secret doors and passageways so beloved by the makers of those old Hammer Horror films.

Creative Home Engineering specialise in this sort of thing and we’ve included some pictures of their work.  There are all sorts of very serious uses such as security and even panic rooms, but we want examples where people have built secret doors for fun.  Any offers?

It’s a wainscot wall, or is it? It could lead anywhere.

This can even be done with working fireplaces, although we assume they would need to be out at the time.

And how dramatic is this! Personally, I  want to be able to turn one of the bottles to make it open.

This time a vault hidden behind a book case. As Creative Home Engineering point out, no one can steal something they don’t know exists.

They also hide things behind mirrors, pictures,  pool cue cabinets and will work with any ideas the client has.

So next time your at someone’s house for dinner, look twice at that trophy cabinet. You never know!


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301 Moved Permanently

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