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Rene Gibson – animal skulls, gemstones, glass tile, smalti and beads

Rene Gibson takes ordinary animal skulls and transforms them into beautiful objects. Gemstones, glass tile, smalti and all sorts of beads from simple seed beads to vintage African beads to a mix of metal beads go into the mix to produce something rather remarkable.

Somehow I imagined Rene living in classic cattle country – Texas springs to mind. But then I learned that she gained her Master’s of Philosophy in Women’s Studies from Trinity College Dublin and is now living in West Palm Beach Florida. She also has an undergraduate degree in interior design which, no doubt, contributes to her ability to tailor pieces to be incorporated into client’s homes.

From Rene’s Etsy Shop, this Swarovski Crystal Longhorn Cow Wall Art is 52″ from horn tip to horn tip and decorated with 9,000 crystals of beautiful shades of gold and topaz. I can see it in a private home, indeed I can see it in my private home, or a restaurant. Maybe a very upmarket steak house. There is more of Rene/s work in her Etsy Store and she is happier still to talk about custom pieces.



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