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BlogTour Vegas Sponsor Highlights: TOTO

We joined TOTO for a lovely breakfast at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas. Yes, we talked about toilets over breakfast, but we kept it fairly clean. Later, TOTO welcomed us to their booth at KBIS to give us a tour of some of their new products that utilize water-saving technology and environmental sustainability.

TOTO KBIS 2015 BlogTour Vegas

Over coffee and fruit platters, TOTO shared with us the technology behind their toilets which revealed how advanced they are compared to other companies. TOTO clearly values the importance of water-saving technology and is aware that every flush counts. In response to strict government water-saving regulations on the west coast TOTO says, “Bring it on.”

fruit breakfast palazzo las vegas healthy toto toilets blogtour vegas kbis 2015

breakfast 2

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As water shortages become an increasing problem worldwide, TOTO is more than ready to adjust; they have already begun. So much water is wasted by flushing toilets that use too much water. Some of TOTO’s products use 1 and even less than 1 gallon of water per flush. We learned more about their water-saving technology at their booth. The phrase “less is more” can definitely be applied to some of the products TOTO displayed at KBIS.



TOTO’s Aquia Showerhead was one spotlight product that drew everyone’s attention. We were encouraged to take slo-mo video with our iPhones to capture the genius water-saving technique implemented in this product. Each little duct push air into every single water droplet to enhance the size of the droplet. Less is more; or less just seems like more. TOTO showerheads make it seem like you’re using more water than you actually water. Water protection can still be present in a luxurious bathroom.

toilets 2

TOTO’s Neorest toilet collection turns a toilet into so much more than just that. The toilet lids open, close, and flush automatically. They have a built-in air deodorizer and the seats are heated. Each Neorest toilet has a nightlight for increased visualization for your night time trips to the bathroom. Additionally, every TOTO toilet has a skirted design, so all the piping is invisible.

Who knew toilet talk could be so intriguing? Thank you, TOTO. It’s always a pleasure. I respect and admire how you value environmental sustainability, and I hope that message spreads not only throughout the industry, but the world.

All photography by Chasen West.


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