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Product Spotlight – The Writing is on the Wall, Black Crow Studios

Not just the writing, but great swirls of colour, images of old Venice, Marilyn Monroe and anything else that is unexpected, bold and made to work.

Black Crow Studios was formed by the very wonderful Tracy Hiner. Her confident creativity is evident in every inch of her wall murals.  She cheerfully rejects the traditional repetition in favour of something somewhat bolder. She has a flair for color, shape and visual texture. She does things others would not dare, and gets away with it. We seem to have written a lot of blogs about wall paper recently. That’s OK, this isn’t wallpaper, in the words of the great Eddie Cochran – it’s something else.

And this isn’t for everyone, as Tracey says, it is for people who want to have something unique, created specifically for them. We’ve put more images in this blog than we usually do.  As is probably obvious, we love Black Crow and couldn’t decide what to leave out. Enjoy.

Black Crow Studios wallpaper

How cool is this? Tracey has a good eye for great typography. And she is right, it belongs on the wall, as big as possible. That said she was selling limited edition framed versions on her blog. Not sure if there are any left. Doubt it somehow.

Black Crow Studios wallpaper

By Black Crow standards this is understated. Ironically reminiscent of a traditional wallpaper.

Black Crow Studios wallpaper

Is that old Venice?

Black Crow Studios wallpaper

Cony Island? The old Pier in Brighton, England? The living room wall I want?

Black Crow Studios wallpaper

The images of print feel like autumn leaves to us. And when did you last see black and white used with such impact?

OK, prepare yourselves, it’s going to get loud!

Black Crow Studios wallpaper

By artist Philip Andrews I would book into any hotel which promised me something this dramatic. And next time someone offers to show you the wallpaper in their bedroom, well maybe… And Philip’s work is also available as framed prints from Black Crow Studios.

Black Crow Studios wallpaper

Also by Philip Andrews – Wild.  Hard to know what else to say! Except that the restricted color range helps it work and we love how fluid it feels, almost sliding down the wall as you look at it. OK, it is never that hard to find something to say.

So that’s Tracy Hiner, her artist friend Philip Andrews and Black Crow studios. Do have a look at their site Tracey’s blog and her facebook page. She is an antidote to all that is predictable, pretentious, boring and dull. You know you’ve got  a great client when you find yourself wondering if they might be up for a spot of Black Crow!

  • http://coricooperider.com cori

    Ooooo, I love the old Venice and pier walls. So freakin’ cool! Go Tracy!

  • admin

    She is such an amazing talent, isn’t she? Hope we get to see lots more from Tracy.

  • http://www.trendsblog.co.uk Phil Pond

    Hey Veronika
    It is true that Tracey’s work is cool, but actually just wanted to complimnet you on the blog work you do – it’s great. And as it so good and consistantly so please feel free to continue cutting and pasting from our blog as you wish.

  • http://www.MirrorPatinas.com Regina

    WOW! Just Wow! Tracy is amazing. These are the kinds of murals – forward thinking, uber-creative…fresh! — that I love. Can’t wait to check out the links!

  • admin

    Yes she is amazing, but then your work is incredible as well. So kudos from someone who knows to Tracy.

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