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Pretty in Pink and making a difference -October is breast cancer awareness month


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in common with bloggers across the States, Europe and beyond we are turning the web pink.

We decided to focus on our own Pink Heroes and first up – a Panther that is positively pink! A gentleman, a scholar, he’s an acrobat… I may as well sing it.

Initially created by Friz Freleng for the opening title sequence of Blake Edwards’s 1964 comedy classic film staring Peter Sellers. If you’ve only seen the Steve Martin remake do dig out the original. There were a number of sequels all of which featured the carton Pink Panther as the titles.  They were so popular that the cartoon series  was an obvious and successful idea. The  Henry Mancini theme which introduced the films featured in the cartoons but was replaced in the cartoon titles by the irritatingly memorable song and a strange live action/carton sequence involving, if memory serves, a small child with a futuristic car. Nevertheless, Friz Freleng’s creation is our  first pink hero. And if you’ve never seen the titles to the original pink panther films, here’s a treat.

lady penelope

S0 how do you follow a cartoon? How about with a puppet?Lady Penelope will be better known by British readers than our friends in the land of the free. Lady Penelope is the London Agent for a secret organization called International Rescue. They all live in a secret Island called Tracey Island and fly the incredible machines after which the TV series, I’m guessing by now that  you realise that this isn’t real life,  is named. Thunderbirds was written and created by Gerry Anderson, his wife came up with and voiced the Lady Penelope character. If you get a chance to see it, do. It’ll make Team America seem even funnier. And, as this is a pink blog I feel obliged to include a picture of Lady Penelope’s six wheeled Rolls Royce. Two more thoughts. First, if you come across the Thunderbirds live action film, run. Second, if I am the Modenus London agent can I have a pink six wheeled Rolls Royce?

lady penelope pink rolls royce

Time for hero number three. This one is a real doll. We mean it. She really is a real doll.We’re just not sure if she is a real hero.

barbie doll in box

Here she is, still in her box. Special limited edition, available only from Toys-R-Us Pink Inspiration Barbie. It doesn’t mater if you Google ‘Pink Barbie’ or just ‘Barbie’, you get a see of pink.We’ve spoken to enough young women and youngish women who truly loved their Barbies that she may deserve hero status. But is she really a great role model? And what if anyone should ever decide that her improbable figure estimated as the equivalent of  36 inches (chest), 18 inches (waist) and 33 inches (hips) is some sort of ideal or even the norm?  How daft would that be? Well a British woman called Sarah Burge has had more than £100,000-worth of cosmetic procedures to become  just that. We haven’t linked to her web site because, well we just don’t want to.

In 2009 Mattel widened her waist a little. They also introduced Totally Tattoos Barbie which included a lower back tattoo, know unkindly in some circles as a ‘slag tag’. It  featured, of course the name of her true love – Ken. Incidentally, in 2009, Barbie turned 50.

And we can’t talk about Barbie without pointing you towards the Danish-Norwegian band Aqua. Their 1997 hit doesn’t do much for Barbie’s reputation as an empowered modern woman. It is, however, very funny. Martel sued but didn’t succeed.

And if you don’t know the song, or if you just want to hear it again -

pink football jerseys

Almost finally, not our heroes but deserving an honourable mention -  Palermo football club for wearing such very pink shirts. Maybe it helps if you are Sicilian.

The real heroes, however, are none of these. The real heroes are the people who want to tell the world that although according to the American Cancer Society about 1.3 million women will be diagnosed with breast cancer annually worldwide and about 465,000 will die from the disease, the death rate is declining. We are getting better at spotting and treating breast cancer. Self examination is quick, simple and vitally important. And if you find a lump, tell a medical practitioner straight away.

There are lots of people who will tell you more. Some links follow. They are the real heroes. By spreading the message you can be one as well.

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Susan G. Komen

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