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“Oh honey you’re so hard to shop for” – No I’m not mom and dad, just read my blogs!

We do this song and dance every year and I’m sure some of you are familiar with it.

Mom and Dad: “Honey what would you like for Christmas”

Me: “Nothing guys I’m fine, really”

Mom and Dad: “No we want to get you something nice but you’re so hard to shop for”

Me: “Mom, Dad you’re saying you don’t know what I like? Really? Time to start reading my blog, I’d say!

This is part of a collection by Lesley Strickland in London. I love Lesley’s work for it’s use of material Cellulose Acetate which is derived from cotton oil (lengthy technical explanation here) and sterling silver. I love it for it’s warm smooth feel but more importantly, I love it for it’s color choices.The “One Off” ring (top) is my favorite, so again, last minute Christmas-gift-seekers seek no more. And the Jetson Brooch (above) is one of the few brooches I’d ever consider wearing.

Most pieces are available in any of these colors or a combination thereof.

Her style of retro meets the Jetsons is apparent in just about any piece and, I do not hesitate to point out, I would be very happy with just about any piece. Convenient eh, mom and dad?

The Loop bangles are fabulous in a cluster and once again show off the amazing colors Lesley can work with.

And finally the drop petal earrings round off the ensemble. So yeah, no more excuses guys, start shopping.

  • Sarah Straussberg

    That’s my mum’s work!!!!

    Very proud,


  • admin

    Oh I’m so glad you found it then. My parents still haven’t read the blog so no chance of me getting one of those pieces. I love her work. Tell mum we said hi.


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