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Now I remember why I love product design

Most of the time I use LinkedIn shamelessly as a platform to promote Modenus. I won’t lie about that. It works when used carefully and fairly and I usually end up connecting with members of the two groups that will be so important for the success of our little site. Manufacturers and Interior Designers. But there are times when I just take an hour to dig around in the vast resources that are represented on the LinkedIn and once in while I find just really cool dance-like-no-one’s-watching design.

Bong Design – no we’re not going where you think we’re going – is a product and web design firm in Holland. Three young, talented (and really cute) designers who share a vision for design to be uninhibited and inspired. So go ahead…be inspired!

chair Bong Design

The chair by Bong. It’s the only chair so it doesn’t need a name.

table Bong Design

And table because, well, they’re tables. But good ones.

Record Player Bong Design

After chair and table comes, you guessed it, Record Player. I may have mentioned once or twice how much I miss record players, it’s the vintage girl in me. Of course these are anything but. Do they remind anyone of those little Robot vacuum cleaners?

conceptbike Bong Design

And finally “concept bike” . I can’t stop looking at it and wondering why it is? Who’s concept? Where would one person go with that much luggage unless of course they’re a baggage handler.


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301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently