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Not sticking to the knitting with Chae Young Kim

Knitted room by Chae Young Kim

You don’t just look at Chae Young Kim‘s wall paper – you marvel at it. The soft, hair-like lines seem to have been photographed or hand drawn. You have to wonder how she does it. We asked, of course, and she told us. We will tell you and maybe you will be wiser. Without wanting to seem dense ,we still don’t quite get the technology but we do get the design.

Knitted room by Chae Young Kim

Its all done with something called ’2D vector graphics’. The basic structures of knitted graphics are created with this smart computer graphic technique by scripts and numbers and more illusions with the vector lines, carefully drawn and manipulated one by one, are added for the result. The computer software and digital printing process facilitates incredibly fine detailing, allowing Chae  to reinterpret the warmth of knitted threads onto the surface of the materials.

Knitted room by Chae Young Kim

Knitted room by Chae Young Kim

To appreciate the designs you really need to see them close up. That said, like a fisherman’s sweater, the complexity is somehow apparent in the overall effect. And Chae also does fabrics and ceramics.

Knitted room throw by Chae Young KimThis throw has the pattern of knit on a smooth fabric.  Is this textile irony? Is it just confusing?

Knitted room fabrics by Chae Young Kim

Chae’s use of black and white emphasizes the rich textures of her knitting based patterns but some of her fabrics are also available in colours; the blend of pattern and colors has an almost dizzying effect so I’d suggest using this in small doses.

Knitted room ceramics by Chae Young Kim

Finally, we wanted to show you these vases which feature the detail of knitting. Chae’s brilliance is to use something with a very distinct feel and texture in media which contradict if not defy its essence. That’s why it is so fascinating.

Chae Young Kim first studied Fine Art and Visual Communication Design at Seoul National University and went on to attend Chelsea College of Art and Design, graduating with a first class degree in Textile Design. In other words, she’s clever.  The equally clever people at Surface View have persuaded Chae to let them use her designs for their murals, prints and blinds.  And as soon as they get round to loading them we have been promised they will be on Modenus as well!

  • Trazzy

    Where can I buy the diamond knitted wallpaper please ?


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