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New friends – watercolors, Vivaldi and German beer – marketing maven CB Whittemore

I  met Christine Whittemore (@CBWhittemore) at Coverings in Orlando earlier this year and it was immediately obvious that there was a woman who is fiercely intelligent and tries to get to the bottom of everything, people, business and concepts and anything else that holds still long enough. Christine had hundreds of questions about Modenus right from the start and as a great marketing person knew to ask not only the right questions but questions that made me revisit some thoughts about Modenus. Questions that made me think and inspired me to dig deeper.For this I thank her and my site developers do not.

What you’ll read below is the bio of a woman who is very very focused on her career, which is why it was refreshing when she sent a second email after her replies below, in which she adds:

PS: I sound like quite a drill. I also do all of this because it is fun. Intellectual fun as well as social fun. I get to meet lovely geeks like me who are intensely passionate and feel no compunction about sharing their passions.  It’s awesome!

PPS: I do need to get back to watercolors one of these days to chill a bit. J

That dear Christine is what we were really getting at with this little exercise. The water color above isn’t Christine’s. It’s on loan for her until she gets back to doing her own.

Tell us about yourself.  What do you do? Where do you live?

I am a marketing consultant and chief simplifier of Simple Marketing Now, who helps businesses make their marketing work harder. Sometimes that means integrating social media marketing into traditional marketing, sometimes focusing on content marketing and other times simply being strategic about communicating the right message to the audience. I live in Kinnelon, NJ, outside of NYC and have been blogging since 2006 when I launched my first blog, Flooring The Consumer, about the retail experience and marketing to women. I launched The Carpetology Blog in Dec. 2007 to support the soon to be relaunched Wear-Dated website [since defunct]; the Smoke Rise & Kinnelon Blog about my neighborhood in July 2008 and the Simple Marketing Blog, about marketing with content and social media in March 2009.  Those are my main blogs. There’s also Bathroom Blogfest…

I’ve been on Twitter since October 2007.

What’s a typical day in your life?

I start out the day checking in on email and Twitter; next client calls and projects. I’ll check in on Twitter briefly mid-day and at the end of the day. I prep blogposts in the evening, write articles and review articles of interest to include in tweets the next day coded either #retailEXP or #PracticalMktr.  There’s never enough time and I have to carefully manage myself to stay focused. I consciously carve out ‘quiet’ thinking time when I don’t check email or Twitter so I can focus on the big picture. Then, I can go back a take care of tactics efficiently. To increase productivity, I have turned off sound alerts. They are too distracting

What makes you laugh? What makes you cry? What makes you happy?

My daughter, Allison Kraus’ and Nora Jones’ voices, David Grisman & Jerry Garcia playing bluegrass [the mandolin is particularly sweet], Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, fruity red wines, our local microbrewed German style wheat beer, my husband’s cooking, finding kindred spirits thanks to social media and helping businesses make their marketing work harder

What was the inspiration for you to use Twitter as a communication platform?

Twitter: it’s efficient, provides access to those with whom I share affinity, allows me to observe and learn quickly. At the same time, I need to manage it carefully so it meets my objectives. Otherwise, I could spend all day on Twitter and not support my business and my clients.

Where do you want to be in ten years from now?

Ten years from now I intend to keep on helping businesses make their marketing more effective despite the evolution on these various social tools. Ten years ago, there was no Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube.  Blogs looked and felt very different.  Ten years from now, I believe many of the principles will be the same and everything else will be different. I’ll be ready!

  • http://www.simplemarketingblog.com C.B. Whittemore

    Veronika, many thanks for this opportunity to remember about doing watercolors and finding kindred spirits! I thank my lucky stars for that wonderful Coverings Tweet Up and look forward to the next opportunity to meetup in person.


  • Epping Station

    For some terrific Vivaldi seasonal music to enjoy with these watercolors check out Beer Vivaldi on Youtube now!

  • Epping Station

    For some terrific Vivaldi seasonal music to enjoy with these watercolors check out Beer Vivaldi on Youtube now!

  • http://shanegarrison.com internet marketing blog

    Great tips on watercolours..thanks.

  • http://shanegarrison.com/blog-commenting-is-a-great-way-to-build-backlinks Shane Garrison

    I might try this today as I have some time on my hands.


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