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New Area Rugs At Stark Carpet – The Bold and the Colorful

I was doing my fast run through the D &D Building last Monday…sort of a quickie ‘dezign search and recognizance’ event  before I took off for the Fourth of July holiday weekend when I decided to do a blitzkrieg  through STARK CARPET!

I have been on the prowl for an area rug for some time for one of my clients and STARK is always a great source for a multitude of different styles. Furthermore, they are continually getting in new types and patterns of rugs so their inventory changes quite frequently.  New inventory equals dezign stimulation, which is my bread and butter, and allows me to create rooms that are always alive with impact and originality.

As I strolled around the showroom I couldn’t get over the number of  new carpets that were extremely bright and colorful and bold in design.  Nothing stodgy about these babies.  Being a great advocate of “nothing stodgy” I immediately asked my salesperson to open up a few of them so I could gaze upon these new beauties.

I fell in love with the strength of the eye catching patterns. They definitely have an ethnic swing to the designs, but that’s a thumbs up in my book.  Adored the happy feeling emanating from each and every one of the rugs.  I kept thinking how playful and spirited  an area rug such as these would be in a room.

AND not all of them were in silk…the expensive sister of wool, for those not in the know.  This means great price points for fabulous product, something every interior designer is searching for in today’s market place.

I also love to be at the forefront of some new dezign trend. It always feels fresh and powerful to be the first on the block to discover some great new product for your clients.

Quickly selected two rugs to show my client  after the holiday.  I’ve got a strong feeling one of these might be a  winner and just what the dezign doctor ordered for the den of the apartment.  Can you guess which one?

Gail Shields Miller

Gail Shields-Miller is the well-respected and much-published principal behind Shields & Company Interiors. She can often be spied, red curls bouncing, as she streaks through design haunts form New York City to New Guinea. Her adventuresome spirit, joie d’vivre and gusto for the hunt are the driving forces behind her blog – launched to bring you all things wild and wonderful.

  • http://mrsmcindoe.wordpress.com/ Naomi

    LOVE that one at the bottom – stunning colours, great pattern – can picture at least three places in my house i oculd put it!


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