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Modenus Midweek meals by Egg-on Rodney – Anchovy Pasta made easy

Mid Week Meals is a new feature that we’ve decided to roll out every Wednesday. It’s the day when most of us are starting to look forward to the weekend but are still plowing through mountains of work, and we thought we’d throw in something that can be made for dinner without any effort, just to end an exhausting day without added stress. Please feel free to comment or submit other easy recipes you think our readers might enjoy. What does this have to do with design? Absolutely nothing, except we’re pretty sure designers have to eat to.

Modenus Anchovy Pasta

I hope you enjoy this. It should take between 15 and 20 mins to make. You can vary the quantities as you see fit and use some or all of the optional ingredients if you have them / feel like it.

If you are a major anchovy fan, or forgot to buy tomatoes, try the recipe without them. I actually prefer it that way.

Most of all, relax – this isn’t science, or art, it is just cooking something nice to eat.

Plenty here for two, three probably.

You need

  • A tin of tomatoes
  • One jar or two cans of anchovies
  • Garlic
  • Black pepper
  • A lump of Parmesan
  • Olive oil
  • Pasta


  • Some fresh basil
  • Red wine
  • A fresh chili

1.     Fry, but don’t burn, some crushed garlic in a slug of olive oil. Just cook for a min or so. (‘Some’ means two or three cloves depending on taste. )

2.     Add the anchovies in the olive oil they come in.

3.     Stir it a bit while the anchovies fall apart / melt in the oil.

4.     Sling in a tin of tomatoes.

5.     Grind in some black pepper, maybe four twists.

6.     If you have some red wine knocking about add around half a glass. .

7.     If you fancy it add a small, chopped, de-seeded chili.

8.     Cook it gently, with the lid on, for as long as it takes the pasta to cook. Stir it now and then. If you have some fresh Basil chop a couple of leaves and add them a couple of minutes before serving.

9.     Add pasta to plenty of boiling water. (Don’t heat up the water with the pasta in it, please.).

10. Cook the pasta for however long the packet says or until it has the texture you like.

11. Drain the pasta, mix it with the sauce and served with freshly grated Parmesan and another grind of pepper on top.  Add a torn up basil leaf if you want it to look pretty.

This goes well with a watercress or rocket and spinach salad. Just wash, dry and tear up watercress and spinach. But if you can’t be bothered, don’t worry.

Let us know if you liked it and please send in your own quick and easy mid week meals. And if you have a variation on this recipe, why not add it as a comment?

Egg-on Rodney
(Modenus cook)


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