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Meet Kolenik, meet Eco Chic, meet luxury interior design inspiration

We hope you won’t mind a little introduction. Dear readers, please meet Robert Kolenik and his Eco Chic concept, Robert Kolenik, please meet our readers. We truly look forward to following this extraordinary designer from Holland and bringing you more features on his inspired and environmentally conscious work.

The spaces shown here were all part of the Kolenik display at the Interior Biennale 2012 in Kortrij, Belgium. Sinks, faucets and showers in this stunning bathroom (above) are by Agape which uses an ecological version of Corian called Cristal Plant and which is made from natural resin and minerals.

The shower floor is made of petrified wood slabs that were brought in from Indonesia with a drain surround made of natural crystals.

And we move into the heart of the home, an exquisite kitchen that strikes a perfect balance between clean, modernist line and organic texture through the use of the LED backlit smoked quartz bar top, the lychee tree trunk base and, what we consider the piece de resistance in this space, the green wall – complete with automated irrigation system. Now are you happy that we’re introducing you to Kolenik? Ok, one more.

So much luxurious elegance and it’s still green? Yes, says Kolenik. Custom designed chairs and sofas are built with Eco Board, cushions are stuffed with…chicken feathers, free range of course, and the handcrafted chandelier is made from natural shells. Eco + chic = modern glamor with a conscience.

I have it on good authority that we will be seeing quite a bit of Kolenik in the very near future, so stay tuned.

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