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Lizzie Mary Cullen’s illustrations at Tent London

Lizzie Mary Cullen will be exhibiting her fantastical illustrations at Tent London this September.  BlogTour London will be there to visit with Lizzie in person but here’s a glimpse of the young artist’s incredible work.

Lizzie Mary Cullen illustrations drawing london bridge piccadilly

The illustrations of Lizzie Mary Cullen are like windows into a whimsical alternate universe. She fuses the familiar with the fantastic, surrounding the London Bridge with starbursts and infusing Piccadilly Circus with billowing, curling clouds. Cullen manages to transform the ordinary and mundane into the fantastic and surreal with her cartoonish style, sense of hyperbole, and skewed perspective. While her illustrations are reminiscent of doodles drawn in the margins of school notebooks, don’t let the childish nature fool you. Cullen, despite being only four years graduated from Goldsmiths College, has exhibited internationally in Paris, London, and New York while her artwork graces everything from magazine pages to cafe walls to album covers. Her works feel like freeze-frames of a fairy tale and it’s all too easy to lose yourself in the intricately swirling lines of dark ink.

cullen color drawings illustration

Florence von Pelet

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