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The porcelaine polo by li xiaofeng

porcelain art by li xiaofeng

All credit to Lacoste who persuaded Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng to create two polo shirts for them. They deserve every column inch that will follow. Li Xiaofeng has been making costumes out of porcelain shards since he graduated in 2003, drilling and wiring shards of ancient chinaware with his early pieces  intended to be used for performance art. The Chinese Government won’t allow ancient artifacts to leave the country, even if they are wired together as costumes, so for Lacoste he painted bowls. Which is just as well as that familiar crocodile would have been hard to find amongst the antiquities. While we love the Lacoste polo, his other work is spellbinding

porcelain art by li xiaofeng

These are truly fascinating pieces. Just like Doreen Wesphal’s Concrete Lace the fascination of these works is that they are made from a material which is alien to the way it has been used. I’m not sure, however, that applies to Lady GaGa’s meat dress. Maybe there is something about the need for craft.

porcelain art by li xiaofeng

While Lacoste would have had every right to congratulate themselves for getting Xiaofeng to produce the porcelain polo, they went further. They also created a limited edition, highly collectible printed polo by Xiaofeng. Pure marketing genius.

lacoste polo by li xiaofeng

Rater than drilling and wiring, this time the shards were photographed and arranged digitally. And this is the result.  If you are quick, there are only 20,000 available, you too can have your very own Xiaofeng polo shirt.

  • http://www.kelseyonthehouse.com Brian Kelsey

    VERY unique :)

  • http://www.modecor.ca Maureen Coates

    recycling in a most artistic capacity


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