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KBIS Design Studios: Glamorous Loft Design by Meredith Heron

Toronto based interior designer, Meredith Heron, was one of eight design greats to join us in New Orleans for KBIS Design Studios. Below are highlights from the her presentation as she shares her process, vision and a glimpse at the woman behind the brand:

1. You chose to base your design on a Generation X client, why?

I chose this generation because it is fits into my ideal client demographic. I’ve been working with a Visual Strategist for the last six months and find it productive to work with my ideal client in mind always.

Loft floor plan © Meredith Heron Design

2. Generational groups are useful shorthand – but what are the other big demographic factors you consider when creating design concept for a client?

We take into consideration a client’s education & profession, personal and functional preferences and of course level of investment they are seeking to make when putting together a concept. We also factor in other people who will be using this space including children, grandchildren and pets. We spend a lot of time redesigning spaces from the ideal designer space into something that is ‘puppy friendly’ it seems.

Inspiration Board © Meredith Heron Design

3. When you designed your project did you have a specific client, imaginary or otherwise, in mind? Could you picture them?

Sophisticated, fashion-oriented female professional who loves to travel as much as she loves to work hard and enjoy the fruits of her labours. The space is both a personal sanctuary and a place to entertain.

4. Tools of the trade – do you have early sketches with pencil and paper – or work digitally exclusively?

95% of our business is sold based on my thumbnail sketches. I prefer to draw out our concepts quickly by hand including floor plans/furniture plans to show the concept to the client. Scaled drawings and digital work is to fine tune the concept.

Concept Sketch © Meredith Heron Design

We put together tear sheets of specific items for the space after the concept has been communicated to the client, though we do use digital images via pinterest and other online photo sites to help communicate the look/feel we are going for in addition to our concept sketches.
I often tell young designers that if you do too good a job in communicating what the final look is going to be like, you leave yourself no room to improvise or improve upon your own design when it comes to being installed. This can work against you with some clients so we like our sketches to be enough to excite the client and get the approval but we still want them to be a little bit fuzzy on what they are envisioning the final look to be.

Join us for a tour of Meredith’s inspiration boards for her KBIS Design Studio project and feel free to contact Meredith at @meredithheron on Twitter or leave a comment below if you have questions about the products and finishes she’s using. You can also head over to Meredithheron.com for more information about her work.

Special thanks to KBIS Design Studio sponsor, Zia Priven:

Concept Board © Meredith Heron Design


Concept Board © Meredith Heron Design

Concept Board © Meredith Heron Design


Concept Board © Meredith Heron Design

Concept Board © Meredith Heron Design


Concept Board © Meredith Heron Design


Concept Board © Meredith Heron Design

Tell us about Meredith Heron, the woman behind the brand:
1. What’s the first song that comes into your head NOW?
Maroon 5’s – Sad is playing as I type this. It was on shuffle so there are no Freudian/profound psychological inferences to be made here.

2. What’s the last thing you bought yourself, as a gift?
A Dior handbag in Florence Italy. Well that’s the last time I called it a gift (my 40th birthday present to myself). Everything else was filed under “needed.”

3. Whose interiors would you most like to see?
I’d love a tour of Miles Redd’s townhouse though Mary McDonald’s ‘cock pit’ is a close second. She tells me that this is the hub of her business and it’s all black with no windows. I don’t know if I believe her or not.

4. For whom, living or dead, would you most like to design an interior?
Without a doubt Bill & Hillary Clinton. I have every reason to believe that I could be great friends with both of them and well the stories…

5. Which superhero power would you most like to posses?
You mean in addition to the ones that I already do? I’m not so concerned with the actual powers themselves, I do however, feel that I need my own action figure.

6. And what would your superhero name be?
It’s Red. I already answer to it.

7. If you weren’t a designer (or a superhero) what would you be?
I’ve been told that if Design doesn’t work out for me, that I should seriously consider giving stand up comedy a whirl. I don’t know if my liver could take that though.













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