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Introducing KBIS THINK – Community hosted round tables

Ever heard of the term “User Generated Content” ? Well it’s a big deal in the digital world and while you may not know the term you’re doing it all the time – creating content by posting on your Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels. Why is this form of discussion and communication so popular? Because it’s usually free, easy, quick and a wonderful way to share your thoughts, opinions and experiences. In real life, this exists too and it’s called a Barcamp format – originally created by geek groups (we say this lovingly) and later adapted by many other interest groups. The point: Instead of panel or speaker format, actual event attendees get to create a topic, post it and invite others to join the conversation and at KBIS, we’re doing just that with the newly minted KBIS THINK.


To participate is very easy, just follow the steps below and before you know it, you too can be surrounded by an attentive audience or discussion round on a topic of your choosing.

  1. Contact us at talktous@modenus.com and pitch your topic and preferred time slot. Show dates are February 19-21 and times are 8:30AM to 4PM. Sessions are scheduled for an hour and should include:
    • time for introductions of all participants,
    • time to lay out the topic including challenge and/or proposed solutions
    • time for conclusion and takeaways
  2. Minimum to start a conversation are you and 3 people – we recommend that max is 6 people but if you’re ready to handle a larger audience, let us know.
  3. Once approved, we will send you a promotional graphic to use to invite guests to your discussion and we will add your time slot and topic below and post on our social media channels, please use #KBIS2019

AT THE SHOW – please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot and find your round table area and if you have an idea for a talk at the show, you can post topic and time on one of our Whiteboards and people can still connect with us and sign up on site.


  1. Be courteous, let people ask questions and share their thoughts
  2. Have fun!
  3. Stick to the hour of conversation, if needed add a second session
  4. Stay in touch on social media – with your discussion round and with us. Let us know how it went !

Please check back often for updates to the schedule below:

Tuesday Feb 19:

11:00 AM – Lisa Davenport/Danny Russo – Our Talent vs Their Search Engine: Designers vs Online Discounters

12:00 PM – Leslie Carothers - How to Monetize Your Design Knowledge to Make 24/7 Income

2:00 PM  – Carla Aston  – Blogging for Designers : How it Can Help Your Business


Wednesday Feb 20:

10:00 AM  – Mark James McAniff – Site measure strategies to save time and money

12:00 PM – Dawn DeLuca – Living in Place: The New Sexy. Why? How? Who?

1:00  PM  – Leslie Carothers - How to Monetize Your Design Knowledge to Make 24/7 Income

2:00 PM – Dialogue Marketing – Diversity

3:00 PM -  Anna Gibson: Collaboration VS Competition


Thursday Feb 21:

1:00 PM  – Robin Rigby Fisher - Sustainability Business Practices and Why They Are Important


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