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Inspiration please, bent nails, wood and beauty. The art of Lee Jae-Hyo.

We came across the art of Lee Jae-Hyo and felt the need to share it. The Korean born artist is, perhaps, best known for his more recent pieces which feature hundreds of bent nails hammered into wood.

The wood is burnt, the nails are filed down and the results are stunning. His work crops up in a number of galleries or you can contact the artist through his own website. In any event, we wanted to share some images of his work simply because we enjoyed them so much.

Lee Jae-Hyo

Glittering metallic nails on  black charcoaled wood. A strange contrast between what was and what is. Sharp, now smooth. Once something to avoid touching becomes irresistible tactile.

Lee Jae-Hyo

Would you want to sit on a bench covered with bent nails? Could you resist it?

bench_of_nails Lee Jae-Hyo

This piece rolls like the waves on the ocean, with the play of light creating ever different patterns.

Lee Jae-Hyo

Close up the effect is fascinating. Each nail is, of course, unique. The creative transformation through striking and then rendering smooth becomes apparent.

Lee Jae-Hyo

Earlier pieces have the same quality of making the material an integral part of the piece’s shape and texture.

Lee Jae-Hyo

The reference to the natural world is as apparent as is the use of the qualities of the raw materials as the essence of the piece.

  • http://hornbeckdesign.com Nancy Manning

    These are quite beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

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