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In love with molo

The ICFF editors gave molo a “best display”, yet again, for their booth at this year’s show. I’m finding it hard to blog about them without sounding like a love sick teenager. Their product is unusual, creative, fascinating. Their people at ICFF welcoming, friendly and playful. Their promotional materials are things of beauty, their website a delight. Sorry. I really can’t think of anything to temper my enthusiasm. Except, maybe their insistence on their brand names being spelled in lower case with no initial capital. I hate that, but I forgive them. I will even comply.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, molo is  led by Stephanie Forsythe, Todd MacAllen  and Robert Pasut. They design and create walls, seats, lights and all sorts of other extraordinary things. You can see their work in MOMA (New York’s Museum of Modern Art) and you can see it wherever exhibition or event organisers have the imagination to use it.


This is modular softwall plus LED lights. When we talked with molo at the ICFF they told us that their stand arrived in a few flat parcels. Was it hard work assembling it? No, it was fun. It comes in heights of up to 10 foot and lengths of up to 15 ft. You can pull it out, squash it up, pile it up, leave gaps. And there is, apparently, no problem with an exhibition full of people running their hands over the very tactile surfaces.



This is their soft seating. Surprisingly comfortable and solid. Paper,of course with some clever magnetic stuff going on.We tested those at the completely molo clad, poor excuse of a bar (that being thanks to the lack of beverages aside from soft drinks and overpriced beer)  at ICFF.

They also make it in long strips -


How you use this is limited only by your imagination, and maybe the space available. The honeycomb structure gives it strength and it is, according to molo, resilient and long lasting.  And in case you were wondering, it is flame resistant. The picture shows the unbleached brown paper version. It is also available in white paper and in a non woven polyethylene material.

molo seat

These are called ‘loungers’. Sit lots of people round the edges or curl up in the middle.

molo light

And here we have urchin softlights. You can pull them into all sorts of shapes and used in a cluster they are reminiscent of clouds on a spring day.

molo light

OK, I’ll stop gushing now. I know it is embarrassing, but I am in love with molo and want to go back to the days when I organised exhibition stands just so that I can use their products. We would love to hear from people who have done creative things with them. Somewhere, someone, has used them in a domestic setting.  Any intelligence on that anywhere?


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