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If there ever was a time to brag, it’s now: Why should you be in BlogTour 2012?

Do you have a great blog, style, and personality? Do you love design, travel, food and wine? In fact, do you love all the great things life has to offer and want to share them with your captive audience? Yes? Well how about this – would  you like to join Modenus and select teams of bloggers as they scour the world for great design and report back live from the world’s greatest cities and the most recognized design trade shows?

You don’t know what BlogTour is? Sorry, what? Ah yes, you’ve been living on Mars these past few months, no wonder NASA is so bent out of shape. Well, just for you, here’s the gist of it:

Blogtour 2012′s tentative itinerary will include

  • New York City March 19 – 24, 2012
  • Paris September 2012
  • London September 2012

and who knows, maybe we’ll come up with another little jaunt to somewhere fun, just to keep everyone on their toes.

You don’t know what BlogTour is? Sorry what? Ah yes, you’ve been living on Mars these past few months, no wonder NASA is so bent out of shape. Well, just for you, here’s the gist of it:

BlogTour is a sponsored event where a select group of design and lifestyle bloggers is invited to join Modenus on a five day trip to an international design destination. Airfare, hotel, most meals and ground transport are paid for by Modenus and BlogTour’s sponsors and in turn we ask that you do what you do best – blog and tweet, post your finds on Facebook, Pinterest, Instgram or any other outlet of your choosing. The point is, we want you to make a lot of noise and give your audiences a front row seat to major design events, swank parties, podium discussions about design and blogging and the journey as a whole.

The amazing BlogTour 2011 team went to London in September and created 148 blog posts, over 35 million Twitter impressions for #BlogTour2011 as well as anywhere between 1.5M – 3M impressions for each sponsor.  Pretty stellar numbers we think. Below are a few examples:

So, if you think you have what it takes, please leave a comment below to:

  1. Tell us you’d like to be considered for one of the BlogTours
  2. Let us know which design destination for 2012 would be your favorite
  3. Share in no more than five sentences why you should be selected
  4. Leave a link to your blog and your Twitter handle or other social media accounts.

Important: Please note that final selections will be made by Modenus and the BlogTour advisory board. Selected bloggers will receive a formal invitation, complete with itinerary and all other pertinent details for the journey. Bloggers that will be invited to BlogTourNYC from March 19 – March 24  will be notified by January 15, 2012.

We can’t wait to see some of our old friends and meet lots of new ones as we embark on a year of design. See you at BlogTour!!

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  • lynne whiteside

    I attended the SFDC 3 day event at the Khrome studio, when  the moderator asked ‘who do you follow’ Modenus was right there, it’s agreed on – from one level of net-working to another, the word is out…

  • http://lynneknowlton.com/ Lynne Knowlton

    Oh yahhh, I would love, adore,be screaming with excitement, over the moon happy ..to be considered for the BlogTour2012. I didn’t dare read through all the comments, since I tried that a few weeks ago, and scared the wits ‘outta myself. So many wonderful, awesome talented designers out there to share this experience with. What a privilege it would be.

    My absolute favourite destination would be- hands down, top of the charts, back of the bus, top drawer, without a doubt…. PARIS !

    Five sentences?! Oh my, did I just waste one?!!… and can I make them all run-on-sentences to make it last longer? Jokes…Ok….

    1) My travel /life experiences in Paris and abroad have made me who I am today and absolutely shaped my design world. 

    2) We just recently lived in Paris (for 2 years) and I feel like I truly found some of the beautiful ‘hidden gems’ of designing a life in Paris.

    3) As challenging as this tour/contest is, I feel like I have taken on one of the hardest challenges in life- as a wife of a guy with a “one in a million” rare cancer – if I can survive that and have some BIG FAT LAUGHS along the way -well, I can do this too. I am pretty sure that was a run-on sentence but it is tooooo hard to talk about the C word and design life, all in one sentence. Just sayin’. LOL.

    4) Although my interior design blog is new, I have written it with authenticity and wit – causing it (OMG< I just wrote 'tit', thank goodness for spellcheck -NOT) to really have some fun interaction and enjoyment in the design blog-o-sphere. 

    5) I WANT this more than anything, so I can continue to make a difference in the lives of others, and stretch out my reach to help show off the city of light in a beautiful, fun , exciting way – what better way to do it ?!! – BLOG TOUR info sharing via my blog/twitter.

    My blog :
    Design The Life You Want To Live

    My Twitter :

    My LinkedIn :
    (although, I confess, I am still learning THAT ONE)

    I am also extending my social media into Instagram and Flickr (work in progress…*_*)

    ( I really wanted to write…Pick me !!! Pick me !!!)
    Lynne Knowlton 

  • http://twitter.com/arts_biz ArtsBiz Institute

    I’d love to be considered for a BlogTour! Especially London or Paris…and this is why:

    1. My blogs live for the artist – design, value, presentation, commerce

    2. My followers and connections are ambitious, vibrant, fierce and hungry

    3. I’m not an interior designer, or a lifestyle person. I talk to the creators, promote the source, inspire the imagination, put the business of art, craft and design into overdrive

    4. Every other blog post is a presentation of an emerging talent… 187 so far

    5. It’s all about passion and dedication, promotion and support. What better way to inspire than to blog from London, Paris and Modenus!

  • Jessica Hansen

    I’m coming in a little late, but…

    I’d love to be considered!

    Touring, experiencing, and reporting from London would be a dream come true!  Although, I can’t imagine complaining much about Paris.

    1. My up-and-coming blog Lovely Undergrad has become a go-to source for young women looking to decorate their dorms and apartments.

    2. I wrote and produced for Better Homes and Gardens home design magazines last summer during my dream editorial internship.

    3. I’m a creative Journalism student determined to marry my passions for writing and interior design in my education, career field, and hobbies.

    4. Design-obssessed and having a serious fetish for furniture, I soak up inspiration all around me and offer a fresh, unique eye for design.

    5. Passionate, creative, inspired, reliable, social media savvy, and eager to share trends… I’m your girl!


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  • http://twitter.com/dcoopsd Brandon Smith

     So I was completely sad that you weren’t able to join us for the Design Blogger’s panel at KBIS this year because you know that I was going to talk your ear off IRL until you told me I had one of the coveted Paris spots.  The beauties of sitting side by side.  But maybe one of your assistants alerted you as to my sneaky plan and made a last minute diversion!  Kidding of course!


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