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How’s your design business? Just a little, informal industry survey

We always hear the big corporations and banks talk about their quarterly successes, right Apple? Or failures, hanging in there JP Morgan? But what about small business and what about small business in our industry? Interior Designers, Architects, Kitchen & Bath Showrooms, Manufacturers – how are all of you guys doing? What would you like to see differently?

We heard more positive buzz from businesses late in 2011 then we had for years and now we’re wondering if it’s sustainable. So here are our questions to you, but feel free to add your own to this discussion:

1. How’s biz this year?

2. What changes have you made over the past one or two years?

3. How has business in the past year influenced your life?

4. What’s your prediction through the end of 2012 and beyond?

Feel free to leave a comment or enter the survey below or, if you need to vent and don’t want to do it in public, let us know at designbiz@modenus.com the latter will, of course, remain confidential.

How has business been in 2012 so far?

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