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Hire a professional interior designer – your health will thank you

Interior Design isn’t just about the pretty. Granted, all of us in this industry are passionate about the aesthetics of a space or piece of furniture and most of us love being knee deep in delicious textiles. The fact that curating just the right pieces from the wealth of options and offerings requires a keen eye and someone who is as much design pro as psychologist goes without saying (and we’re considering writing about this more in the future) but think about how a well designed space can impact your well being? From stress relief to proper posture and from workplace productivity to a good night’s rest – a well designed space has the emphasis on “well” without losing sight of “design”. When you think of spending your hard earned dollars on a medical doctor you probably wouldn’t think twice and while those good people help us all feel better and even save lives, think about to which degree a design professional may have the same impact, perhaps even more so because your home or work space surrounds you 24/7 in most cases. Why shouldn’t it be the one place that kick starts all of your wellness efforts? Below are a number of ways, great design impacts the way you live and your local designer can help you learn more when you’re ready to change how you sit, sleep, breathe and even eat.

Sitting is the death of us!


The Atwood desk is unobtrusive and works in many settings yet practical by adjusting from 25″ height to 48″

Here’s the long and short of it: No matter how excellent your new desk chair is or how incredibly well upholstered your sofa is – sitting for prolonged periods of time is no bueno. Don’t do it. Think about how you can alternate between working in a seated position and standing up – ahhh, a stand up desk comes to mind. Doesn’t work with your decor? That’s why you should have a conversation with your designer and make sure that they know that your wellness is a priority. They will find a solution that works for your health and your style. Same goes for exercise equipment by the way: If it’s not located where you like to spend time it’ll become a really pricey clothes rack – we’ve all seen it happen! So plan for things like treadmills, stationary bikes and alternate desks ahead of time and make them part of your lifestyle, not an afterthought.

Nap time – the average person spends 229,000 hours in bed!

Another tremendously important consideration is your mattress, it has to fit YOU! Spend time, spend some money and really test it out and make sure it alleviates pressure points because you’re going to spend more time on this baby than all your other furniture combined.

Breathing: Seems important, right? So why aren’t you?

Do it right now: In through your nose for four seconds, out through your mouth for four seconds. Proper breathing reduces stress and improves oxygen flow to your brain so you’ll even think better!

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But don’t stop there, think about how elements like steam showers and aroma therapy can help you unwind, breathe easy, reduce stress or even invigorate you. Talk to your design professional or builder when you’re ready to tackle the bathroom remodel you’ve been putting off and think about what should matter most in this space. Hint: It’s YOU! Installing a steam generator isn’t rocket science and once you have it and make it part of your daily routine it will help you keep stress and various colds at bay all whilst doing something even more important – teaching yourself to put you first and take a few minutes every day to sit back, relax and breathe easy. Frankly, we don’t understand how bathrooms are even designed without steam. Shameless plug, check out the virtual spa designer on Mr Steam or ask your designer to sit down with you and explore options. 

Eat? How can my designer influence what I eat?

Well, for one, if you go massively over budget you won’t be eating at all for a while, hahaha (a good designer knows to keep that from happening) but seriously, think about your kitchen for a minute. Is bigger always better or could we take a cue from our friends in Europe who make due with much smaller kitchens and, very important, smaller but very stylish refrigerators for instance. How do they impact how you live? Well, they may not hold a humongous pizza or various gallon jugs so two things can happen:

  1. You shop more frequently which allows you to buy fresh, low shelf life items more readily and
  2. You can very easily reduce over consumption and/or wastefulness by buying smaller sizes.


It works – Modenus CEO Veronika Eagleson swears by her Liebherr fridge for instance and we happen to know that she’s a bit of an appliance snob.

There are, of course, many more ways you can use good design to live well and we would love to hear your favorite solutions which we will happily share on our social media channels at @modenus with your permission. Drop us a note in comments.




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