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Help us help Jessica!

Dear readers,

a few weeks ago a dear friend and business partner of mine, Nora DePalma of PR agency O’Reilly-DePalma had reached out to me to ask if we could help someone who had touched her very deeply. That someone is Jessica Rice, 32, who at the age of 30 was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer despite never having been a smoker. Since then, Jessica’s cancer has metastasized to her brain and she has spent much of the past two years in treatment.

Jessica writes a blog, Stage IV Blog, where she journals her experiences along the way and shares the good and the bad, the hope and the fears. Most of all, the blog is a window into the soul of an intelligent woman who rolls with these punches with wit, sarcasm and sometimes brutal honesty.

Part of her blog is a “Frog List”. Jessica does not believe much in Bucket Lists so she decided to create a list of things she wants to do before she “croaks”. While we hope that it will take a very very long time for her to check off every item on the list we want to reach out to all of you  to help with anything you might be able to.

The Frog List

Jessica’s Blog


Fundraising Page

Selling the Farm

Cash donations are great but there is the most important list item, selling her mom’s little Farmette in West Virginia and moving mom closer to Philadelphia so she can be with Jessica. If you can please share the real estate listing, look through the frog list to see if you can offer help in other ways or make a donation, we would be deeply grateful.

Thank you,



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