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From the street – Graffiti Kings bring it home

graffiti-cups by Graffiti KingsOne of the interesting things about graffiti has always been how hard it is to own. A Banksy sprayed onto a public wall belongs to the public, that is until the local authority paints it over or someone finds a way of lifting the whole wall. In a way that’s really refreshing because it removes it from the realm in which art is valued in monetary terms and simply makes it available. None of this, however, is much help to those who want nothing more than the style of the streets in their  own homes. Enter the Graffiti Kings.

A lot of blue chip companies have sought street credibility by associating themselves with Graffiti .  Many of the artists have remained elusive, hiding their identities and propagating their art in ways of their own, if not local law enforcement agencies’, choosing. The Graffiti Kings have, however embraced big business and big business has embraced them right back. Their client list is impressive in the extreme. Microsoft, Hugo Boss, Dolce and Gabbana, Warner Brothers and Emporio Armani have all hired the company which even boasts approval by the British Government. They’ve come  a long way from being the rebels with a spray can.

A collective of 30 plus artists founded by South Londoner Darren Cullen, otherwise known as Ser, the Graffiti Kings take commissions for live events, murals, clothing , furniture and just about anything else. Our images below show examples of what could be termed ‘Graffiti at Home’, this is, after all,  to some extent, an interior design blog. But do, please, check out the Graffiti Kings web site. These are creative people who clearly understand the world of business.

custom-graffiti-canvas by Graffiti Kings

A cool, calm, classy  room lifted by a splash of life from the streets.

graffiti-black-white-furniture by Graffiti Kings

The shape is classic, the finish is wild. The techniques of street art in a domestic context add interest and energey.

graffiti-chair by Graffiti Kings
Art you can sit on? We love bright sofas and this is certainly bright. One for the bold.

spray-paint-chest and chair by Graffiti KingsA little or a lot? A splash of street art adds interest to a classic wing back chair while an Armoire which has received the full treatment dominates its surroundings.

  • http://www.9designinteriors.com Joanne Fairmont Yinger

    After experiencing the graffiti on the Delux Inn (in Lansing, MI) before it was torn down, I had a renewed interest in owning or at least promoting the art form. We have several graffiti artists in Lansing. I know Lee Mahoney. Wouldn’t using their talents to produce functional and practical objects, accessories and furniture, decorated with graffiti, be fun?


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