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From South London to Spain with Roast Designs Chandeliers

Chandelier from Roast Designs This is what a Chandelier from Roast Designs looks like once it has been installed in the Spanish  home of their clients. Cool, huh? Sculptural and dramatic with an almost fluid beauty, you can see why there is an ever growing fan base for Roast’s lovely lights. But this is a story of fleeting disappointment, the travails of international shipping and superb customer service.

Chandelier from Roast Designs

This is what it a chandelier looks like when it is being assembled in the Roast South London workshop in Herne Hill where it was also lovingly designed according to the client’s specifications. Unfortunately, somewhere between the studio and Spain  someone  managed to drop the box so hard that despite being packed in a wooden crate around a cardboard box with each ball individually wrapped and polystyrene beans packed tight to hold everything in place, and despite there being no visible damage to the packaging, all was not as it was meant to be. One small solid sphere (imagine a large marble) had a splinter crack through it and, worse still, a string with three balls  had  broken away from the chandelier. When hung, a crack in a ball resulted in another string of balls falling onto a coffee table beneath. No one was hurt, we hasten to add, and despite shipping world wide nothing like this had ever happened to Roast before. Fleeting disappointment.

Chandelier from Roast Designs So what else could our heroes from Roast Designs do but jump on a plane and put it all right? And that is just  what they did. The client was delighted while Karen and David from Roast enjoyed a long walk on a Spanish beach and a  quick lunch, or was that a quick walk and a long lunch, before flying home and making sure they had insurance to cover this sort of thing in future.

So, beautiful lights, happy clients, improved insurance, a beach walk and a nice lunch. Happy endings all round!


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