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Design files – Brent Comber, Artist and furniture maker, making the most of wood

We spent some time thinking about the title of this piece. Is Brent Comber an artist or a furniture maker?  He is, of course, both. His furniture is art and at least some of his art is furniture. His materials are also his inspiration. His art is about the very wood he uses. That wood is unprocessed with cracks, bark, sinews and knots. At first it was salvaged from demolition yards and elsewhere. Now Comber sources cast off wood from mills and lumber yards.

This is Shattered, made from a pile of cedar pieces that had been sitting in a corner of Comber’s shop. As he split the wood with an Axe Comber says , his senses were heightened with the sounds, smells and textures reminding him of his first experiences chopping wood on his step-father’s farm.

China Grove is made by covering Western Red Cedar with white porcelain paint. Ethereal and surprising, they are a forest within a forest at Salt Spring Woodworks on Salt Spring Island.

Inspired by the stone wall around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Brent Comber created Garrison by splicing together blocks of wood from three Cedar logs into a single form.

Long Saddle, made of Douglas Fir and available in a variety of stains. 13″ wide, 60 ” deep and weighing 290 lds. Fascinating that something so substantial is also so elegant.

The Alder Saddle, made of Alder twigs. As Comber says, bringing a touch of the out doors into a residential or commercial setting. 15″ wide, 60″ long and 18″ high, 150 lds.

  • http://roamingbydesign.com Saxon Henry

    There’s something about wood that makes me feel as if I can breathe when I look at it in such stunning manifestations. Reading this was a great respite as I head into this insane week! Thanks for sharing the amazing works of art!

  • admin

    Thanks for that Saxon. I really enjoyed writing it. Would love to see China Grove in the flesh, so to speak. Do you know the work of Andy Goldsworthy? I will do something about him as soon as I have time. Thanks again. Tim

  • Marilyn G Russell

    Amazing work by Brent Comber. Looking forward to your Andy Goldsworthy post. He was the first artist I was introduced to when I began design school. He’s amazing.

  • ipe wood

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  • Anonymous

    These are shattered and created from pile of pieces of cedar that was sitting in a corner shop combos.This augmented with sounds, smells and textures the experiences of this first cut timber on the farm.

  • Anonymous

    There is something about wood that makes me feel as if I can breathe when I look at it in such breathtaking demonstrations. This was a great relief that I drove this week insane.

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