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Design at all cost and I’m not talking about money here!

So the interior design business is a cut-throat business, I get it. Lots of suppliers and, especially in this current climate of economic instability, probably not enough clients to go around. I also get that, much how runway fashions are not what people will ultimately be wearing, sometimes we have to make a statement in order to attract attention to an otherwise calmer product line.

bad design

Other times however we have to wonder if the “piece de resistance” shouldn’t be just that, a one off, and not indicative of the whole line or if, in fact, some designs even as prototypes would be best served by remaining on the drawing board or in the bin for that matter . So here are a few of my favorite “What were they thinking?” pieces, if in fact, they were thinking.

purple leather oven bad design

Really? Lavender leather with a heart shaped cut out? Why? I struggle with shoes in lavender leather but the oven? Will it match my pale pink and chartreuse tartan microwave, is the question.

But wait, there’s more, so much more.

bike bench bad design

To me, even one bike seat implies chafing and discomfort in certain areas, so what’s the statement here? And why are they not on bikes where they belong?

Octopus chair bad design

And then I would like a conversation with the designer of this little number, just to casually ask…WTF? Is it a chair or a flotation device I wonder?

bad design swamp chair

In a fun way this guy reminds me of the “swamp thing” but for over 1500 bucks? I know it’s recycled and all but why make a chair when the world needs more silly bands right now.

And while we’re looking at nature inspired chairs….

sheep chair bad design

…this is a fine solution for when one sheep head just won’t due.

And I’ll leave you with an opportunity to ponder what this side table may look like from the other end?

sumo chair bad design

You tell me, I’m just the innocent blogger here.

  • http://design-crisis.com erin@designcrisis

    Oh, the dragon tables definitely belong here!


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