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DB Sources – Inspired, lush, romantic – are we still talking about pillows?

We met with DB Sources at Highpoint and soon found ourselves chatting about inspiration. Deborah Wilson, the firm’s eponymous founder told us about her background in, and love for fashion. Carry Bradshaw’s Vivian Westwood designed wedding dress  for “Sex and the City” was amongst the sources mentioned. The influence of foreign travel and different cultures is apparent and a keen sense for visual texture makes this line so intriguing.

And guess what? Maybe sometimes all it takes to freshen up a room is a coat of paint and a few really great pillows.

For those of you who may have missed out on one of the cultural highlights of the decade, here’s the dress -

We don’t know that the dress really was the inspiration for it but we love the lush texture and romance of the pillow just as much as the dress and it doesn’t have that weird head thing. What is that? Birds? Feathers? Birds of a feather?

OK so I’ve never warmed up to aqua and I’m not starting now and yes it makes me think of Melanie Griffith in “Working Girl” due to the inherent association of turquoise and the 80′s, I think but it’s sexy and curvy and dressy.

Nothing to snuggle up with but a striking visual accent.

So much detail in every piece, enlarge this one to see that they’re all beads. Of course, if someone wants to make a bag like this…

Intricate, lush, wonderfully textured.Wouldn’t it make a great frock?

Do take a look at DB Sources web site, enlarge the pictures and look closely. Better still seek them out. They really are inspired.

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    I love it! Thank you for the coverage.

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