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Brizo and New York Fashion Week – A passionate connection

I am thrilled to have been invited to attend the Brizo Fashion Week Event in New York City Thursday and Friday and will surely be tweeting up a storm from the various venues we will all be attending. Having been selected is an honor indeed particularly because I will not only have an opportunity to learn about the brand, it’s positioning strategies within NYFW and have access to the Jason Wu fall show and the Showtime Designer Showhouse but also because I will find myself amidst some of the blogosphere’s finest architecture- and design bloggers. I hope you will have a chance to follow my tweets from the event and look up my peers as well who will likely be doing much of the same. (List of participants below).

But there is more to this event than meets the eye. More than just a glamorous two night getaway to the city that never sleeps, more than fashion shows, show houses and cocktail parties, although frankly that would suffice to get my momentary attention. There is something in the combination of fashion and interiors and, in Brizo’s case, between fashion and luxury plumbing products.

What is happening, is that Brizo establishes a new, fashion conscious and sexy, identity for a product category that some fashionistas might consider mundane and anything but sexy. But therein lies the lesson for everyone in the design industry. We all have to do our part to reignite the passion, create a sense of urgency and desire for a product and make, even a kitchen faucet into a fashion accessory. And in the economic climate we currently find ourselves in, a chic accessory may have to make a huge statement to satisfy our need for change and sense of style.

And so it’s a sweeping motion really that requires manufacturers, like Brizo, to move into uncharted waters in order to ignite passion and excitement in design trades and media, including us humble little bloggers, who then, in turn, can ignite passion, excitement and a desire for a new home, a fresh interior or at least a sexy new faucet in their readers, the all powerful client.

Stay tuned for reports on Brizo products, our Sketch Up competition, the Jason Wu Fashion Show and our glamorous cocktail party at the Showtime Showhouse.

Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today….Brizo, I’m on my way!

Shower by Brizo

Bob Borson - www.lifeofanarchitect.com

Corey Klassen - www.coreyclassen.ca

Tran Long - www.yankodesign.com

Nancy Hugo - www.kitchenandbathchatter.com

Michelle Leer - www.modehomeec.com

Andrew Van Leeuwen- www.blog.buildlc.com

Linda Merrill - www.chameleon-interiors.blogspot.com

Jody Brown - www.coffeewithanarchitect.com

Vivianne LaPointe - www.splendora.com

Kimberley Dowdell - www.hoklife.com

Mike Welton - www.architectsandartisans.com

Eric Schimelpfenig - www.sketchthis.net

Maggie Stack King - www.ecofabulous.com

Erin Loechner - www.designformankind.com

Gloria Graham - www.kitchensforliving.com

Kelsey Keith - www.architizer.com


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