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Breakfast at Tiffany’s meets Studio 54 – And Bob’s Your Uncle lighting

Light by And Bob's Your Uncle

Recipe for style: Take a great deal of design expertise and flair, add an imaginative use of unexpected materials, mix in a generous quantity of craftsmanship, a good pinch of glamour and plenty of fun shake vigorously and Bob’s your uncle!

And Bob’s Your Uncle must be one of the greatest company names of recent years and we love that it in no way alludes to the style and glamour of the products the company sells. As it happens, I used to have an uncle called Bob who was a very wonderful man, but he was neither stylish nor glamorous.  So congratulations on the name.  And now onward to the products. Lighting.  One-of-a-kind lighting. Lighting that reminds us of 1920s feather boas paired with 1970s glitz. What could be more camp? What could be more fun? How about a night out with Bette Midler and Lenny Kravitz who are, incidentally, amongst their clients. Shameless name dropping over for now.

The light above is Black Nimbus featuring black and iridescent feathers, acrylic crystals and rhinestones. If it were a dress we suspect the divine Ms Midler would have worn it by now.

Light by And Bob's Your Uncle

“Ready for my closeup Mr DeMille”. Unlike a Hollywood diva, and these lights certainly fit that bill, ABYU lighting is  so carefully crafted that they most certainly permit a closer look. We begin to understand why they are priced at the top end of the market.

The Mini “O” dome is less of a light fixture and more couture piece and would it would in no way surprise us if we saw it walking past us at Ascot or if we discovered a vintage photo of Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn wearing something just like it.  What is it about great lampshades that make me want to wear them? I really need to look into this but expect it’s something psychosomatic deeply rooted in my childhood. It’s all about the Ostrich feathers and sure to add glamour and texture to even the most mundane of spaces. The temptation to reach up and touch it would be almost irresistible.

The aptly named Twister Table Lamp is just that, a little tornado of feathers ready to wreak havoc with the onlookers sense of style. ABYU pushes the envelope and we can now think of another name for the firm. How about “Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”, because really, you haven’t.

And while we can see glass chiclets all over in the form of tile mosaics of which we, by the way, have a stunning assortment on Modenus, we don’t often get to see them on chandeliers, but now think we should. It’s classic 70s influence conjure visions of nightclubs and people in platforms, in fact I have visions of Cher wearing something like this at her next movie premiere, although she would of course have been to young in the 70s, right?

  • Jocelyn

    Oh Modenus…where DO you find these amazing products…..sigh….


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