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BlogTour 2012 sponsor: Modern-Aire Ventilating – making it happen

Modern-Aire VentilatingModern-Aire VentilatingModern-Aire VentilatingModern-Aire are great new sponsors for Modenus BlogTour and we are really excited for two reasons. Firstly, because it is a product range we have admired for a while now, secondly, because they are great people who understand how to work with designers.

Modern-Aire Ventilating specializes in building custom range hoods that merge high performance with skilled craftsmanship for beautiful results. For the professional or the everyday gourmet, Modern-Aire Ventilating provides exceptional ventilation to meet specific cooking needs. For the kitchen designer and design enthusiast, Modern-Aire provides limitless opportunities for materials, finishes and customization to elevate ventilation to a focal point in the kitchen.

Each Modern-Aire hood is still hand-touched, finished, assembled and packaged in the North Hollywood manufacturing facility. Even the powder coating process for color finishes is done in-house to ensure the highest quality standards and matches.

In the custom arena, if the installation environment is challenging or special sizes are required, or a designer/customer has an interesting idea that they want brought to life, the craftsmen and technicians at Modern-Aire make it happen.

Modern-Aire encourages designers to think beyond the matching stainless steel hood that goes with the pro-style range they’ve just sourced, and make a design statement out of a necessity. High performance ranges need ventilation. Why not make the vent hood stunning?


Modern-Aire is exclusively distributed by Valiant Sales who have created one of the most exciting designer programs in the industry. Design professionals can buy the product line direct from Valiant Sales at a significant trade discount, allowing them to make a real profit when specifying the line. We love it because it’s a “valiant effort” (sorry, couldn’t resist that one) to provide enormous value to designers.



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