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Before and after- from dull and dark to modern minimalism by ReDesign of London, Ontario

ReDesign of London, Ontario, are fast becoming one of our favourite design firms. They do great work, they are environmentally aware and conscientious in their use of existing materials, they send us wonderful ‘before and afters’ and they always buy a round of beers. OK, I don’t know that last bit for sure but I wouldn’t put it past them.

This beauty was, sad to say, a fairly typical London, Ontario suburban house. Similar to all the other houses in the street it was dark, full of little boxes masquerading as rooms and, let’s be honest, dull. But that was before ReDesign set about it. Walls were knocked down, trim purged and the white paint tin fully deployed. The resulting home is something of a modern minimalist masterpiece, and all on a budget which struck a balance between achieving and spending. The black floor in the family room to your left is recycled leather tile by Torlys.  The coffee table is Siren in Stainless Steel by Nuevo. You can just see a glimpse of a kitchen area to the left of the ‘after’ picture. We promise you a bigger picture and some details a little later.

The bathroom is one place you want to look and feel really clean. Actually, we hope that it is just one of the places  you would prefer to be on the side of cleanliness, but lets focus on the bathroom. We hate to dwell on the horror but in this case the horror is “mauve”, a color only used from 1984-1987 (we made that up) and is that really a swag over the tub? For extra mildew retention perhaps? And then yes, we’ll get into proper mirror placement one day and this one is reserved for the “what not to do” section. And then, ahhhh, what a breath of cool, clean, minimalist air.  Cool greys, fresh whites and touch of warmth courtesy of the stranded bamboo flooring by Nadurra Bamboo Eco Collection. Thank you ReDesign!

The bedroom is another triumph. That wall colour was probably a good idea in a large, stately space but not here. ReDesign deployed their love of monochrome, added visual interest through the accent wall pattern and the signature touch of warms through the wood flooring. We also love that the team replaced the window with a sliding door that leads to the terrace. The bed is Stella by Mobican and the wallpaper
is Chic Paisley from the Kenneth James Echo Collection.

We promised you the full picture of the living room and kitchen area and here it is. You wouldn’t have wanted to have missed those backsplash tiles,  Sunset Boulevard Mosaic imported by Mettro Source of Toronto, or the built in coffee maker, a long standing favourite of Modenus, by Miele, of course. The nice new looking cabinets are the less the nice new looking old cabinets cleverly painted in a neutral grey by ReDesign.

Two after pictures side by side? What could we be thinking of?  We wanted to show you a litle detail from  the kitchen / dinette. The spectacular light is Phillipe by Nuevo and the stools are Tickle Bar Stool by Zuo Modern.

We love the modernist hardscape on the terrace that gets visual interest and texture from carefully planned foliage and grasses and the comfortable yet modernist outdoor furniture continues the zen like quality of the redesigned interior. Low in maintenance, this outdoor area requires only a sunny day and a cocktail. You see, this really is our sort of home.

And the family moggie agrees. There have been a lot of dogs on Modenus lately so it is good of ReDesign to provide a little feline eye candy. And that floor, by the way, is more recycled leather tiles by Torlys. The bright artwork is ‘Colour Code’ by ReDesign’s very own Lisa Banman, no less.  Our thanks again to ReDesign for sending the pictures and notes for this blog. If you want to see your project here get in touch via beforeandafter@modenus.com

  • http://twitter.com/BruceBarone BruceBarone

    Love it all!

  • http://www.hoggerandco.com/ Hogger & Co.

    Everything here is stunning!! I’m from Toronto (now living in Boston). Huge props to London, ON! I’d love to photograph this home!

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    Superb blog and this is my first visit on this blog, Awesome information you have shared.


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