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Barbara Barry – traveling with open eyes and an open mind

Barbara Barry

Modenus was fortunate in being invited to hear Barbara Barry present her new Indochine collection for Kravet as part of last weeks Blogfest.  I was struck by Barbara’s graciousness and, indeed, resilience, as  some 120 devoted bloggers descended upon her. Each was given personal attention as the renowned designer posed for photographs and chatted with the assembled writers without the slightest sign of this being anything but a complete pleasure. Here she is on aJapanese bullet train. She may look like she is gazing out of the window and you or I may very well just be  gazing out of the window but Barbara is probably gleaning inspiration for her next collection of fabric or furniture. That’s the way she rolls.

Barbara Barry Indochine

The Blogfest presentation included Barbara sharing some of her travel shots, mostly from China and Japan. Her images included many  close up pictures featuring strong textures which have inspired her designs. The design for the Indochine bed spread and pillows, shown above, was, for example, inspired by a screen. Like many of Barbara’s designs it is very calm and elegant in tone deriving interest from line and texture.

Images by Barbara Barry

Images by Barbara Barry

These images are from Barbara Barry’s Face book gallery. They show her gift for seeing and appreciating beauty, and especially texture. She talked about travel and inspiration, as do many designers, but what makes her special is an ability to travel with her eyes, and mind, wide open. And having been inspired, and captured that inspiration, to translate it into fabrics and other products.

Barbara Barry designs for Kravet

These Barbara Barry designs for Kravet show the same calm, easy to live with designs which make the most of flowing lines and a love of texture.

Barbara Barry designs for Kravet

Another fabric for Kravet. Possibly inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom? There is a lightness of touch, almost a gentleness that marks Barabara’s work. You get the impression that she could walk across a sand beach but leave no footprints.

Barbara Barry image of green tea

Finally, more inspiration from Barbara’s Asian travels. The vivid green powder is Mutcha tea.  Barbara tends to eschew bright colors in her work so it will be interesting to see if this manifests itself in any of her designs. Her love of tea, that most civilised of drinks, led her to create her very own blend. Available from a company known simply as ‘T’, Citrine is an herbal infusion of camomile, lemongrass and peppermint. As the British end of Modenus I feel it is imperative to drink vasts amounts of tea. As you might expect I prefer the basic tea and milk known locally as ‘builder’s’ or on rare moments of sophistication, Earl Grey, which is black tea plus a litle bergamot oil. That said, I found myself reaching for a second and third cup of Citrine which was remarkably refreshing and clearly popular with all who tried it.

My sincere thanks to the good people at Kravet and to Barbara for being such gracious hosts.

Barabara and I – BFF’s already :)

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    Nice photos and I believe Asia is always a good place for a trip.


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