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Baby its cold outside – great cable knits for even when it isn’t

green cable knit chair

I have a thing for cold weather and warm, heavily textured knits which is slightly ironic since I spend most of my life in the blistering Florida sun. So in lieu of wearing them which isn’t practical and potentially fatal in my case – although I’d like to the see the headline “stylish woman dies of heat stroke” – I occasionally look for home furnishings that indulge my appreciation for Aran. Above, the aptly named Olivia chair by Melanie Porter is a must have for all modernists wishing to add a warming element to otherwise clean lines.

union jack cable knit chairAnother piece by Melanie Porter, the Henry chair, likely to become a classic for it’s shape, uniquely textured knit upholstery and when all else fails the ever present and ever successful Union Jack. Funny, a nation that really doesn’t have it’s stronghold in marketing and advertising has managed to brand it’s national colors more than just about anyone. Wonder how the French deal with that one?

cable knit lights

Full on whimsy, the Granny lamp by Pudelskern, love the look and worry about the lingering scent of burning wool.

prada cable knit socks

Ok so I’m venturing back into clothing but come on, these have to be part of this post right? Only Prada gets away with combining cable knit socks with pumps. We could always sport them with a bathing suit in Florida and again, I’d never be surprised to see Prada try and pull that one off if they haven’t already.

cable knit light

Slightly less concern for burnt wool on the more loosely wrapped “Woozely” lamp, also by Pudelskern from Austria, one of our favorite “on the edge” design firms.



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