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Baby, baby light my fire – fiery coppery reds

St John Red Head

It is not often that one color scheme can inspire me to do an entire blog but this St. John add kept drawing me back. The richness of colors from the hair to the lips to the gloves to the background make me want to redo at least one of the rooms in my house. This deep coppery red is warm as well as  fiery, cozy and sexy and..well you get the idea. I know her unnaturally pale skin has to be a nod to Edward and his vampires but I’ll let it slide this once because it’s just so yummy.

Copper River Fractal Art by Vicky Brago-Mitchell

Copper River Fractal Art by Vicky Brago-Mitchell

copper piece from Mexico available through Fine Crafts Imports

Back to warm and enveloping, this hammered copper piece from Mexico available through Fine Crafts Imports certainly does the trick. A good book, a glass of red wine and I’m ready to let those autumn days roll on in.

Copper dress

Copper seems to be synonymous with fluidity. Few colors have such a striking ability to reflect light and appear to liquid.

Kraus sink

Speaking of liquid, I love the organic feel of this piece by Kraus

Copper Sink

This image (via HGTV) beautifully highlights the warmth of copper tones especially when set against even darker colors.

Copper light

And finally, featured on Ylighting, what has to be one of my favorite wall lights. Two please, Ylighting! Need my address?

  • http://www.kgstyleblogs.com Keska George

    I really like how this article was put together with the variations of the fiery red! It inspires me to create a room this red someday. 2

  • http://www.nicolejane.com jennifer@nicolejanehome

    Love that gown…love all the coppers. I’ve got red hair and it’s a fabulous color for me.

  • http://exuberanthome.com Cynthia

    Working with a client right now who loves this color!


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