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Ars Ferro – the high art of forged iron

Ars Ferro took my breath away. I had no idea iron work could be so beautiful. Every now and then Modenus in the States asks me (Modenus in the UK – watching the Olympics while I work) to research and write about a US based company and I gladly oblige because it’s good to learn about design from other countries. This wasn’t just about learning, I think I’m in love.

 Ares Fero Shoe SculptureThis is iron. The contrast between such a hard material, forged in white heat with the delicate shoe portrayed in this sculpture is spell binding.  Ars Ferro say that their  mission is to ignite customers with the same passion that its artists experience on a daily basis. There is no doubting that their work is extraordinary.

 Ares Fero mirrorThis mirror is almost ethereal. The word ‘unique’ is horribly overused, and misused, but there really is nothing else like this.

 Ares Fero RailingsAnd this is what Ares Fero can do with a staircase. I love the delicate, playful Art Nouveau feel. These are masters of their craft.  Ars Ferro say “Good art will inspire both the creator and the owner, motivating them to pursue their dreams.” We say we’re inspired Ars Ferro and promise to pursue our dreams.

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