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Antiquing in the Cotswolds with The Antiques Diva & Co

Antiques and vintage finds are becoming an increasingly important element in designing modern interiors for a variety of reasons including the need for uniqueness, exclusivity, sustainability and because antique and vintage pieces lend character and tell a story. Because shopping for antiques can be treacherous and finding the right sources can be difficult, we let antiques experts Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva, and Gail McLeod, owner of Antiques News & Fairs lead the way at Lorford’s Antique Market in Tetbury, England. When we returned, we asked a number of leading designers in our community whether or not they use antiques and vintage pieces in their work. Below, you’ll find a compilation of our favorite finds at Lorford’s along with quotes from our community. Our question to you: Do YOU use antiques and vintage in your interiors projects? Show us your favorites by tagging #designhounds on Instagram.

All images by www.selenasalfen.com


Yes! Even as a contemporist, I love a piece that’s dedicated to times past.Adds personality and charm! Genevieve Ghaleb

Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva at Lorford's Antiques in Tetbury England

Knowledgeable, charming and ever the diva, Toma Clark Haines and her network of Diva Guides host buying tours for individuals and groups throughout Europe and North America.

Yes! That’s the conversation pieces! The piece that tells a story! Chelsea Hill

Antique ethiopian chair at Lorford's antique market

What a stunning conversation piece. We can see this antique Ethiopian chair work perfectly in a modern space.

Yes! Creates layers of history and interest in a decor. Steve McKenzie

Hoshiapur inlaid elephants 1900 at Lorford's antique market

We fell in love with a pair of anglo-indian rosewood and bone inlay elephants from around 1900.

Always! It breathes life and personality into the room. Charlotte Skinner

1830's carved walnut chaise with painted accents

Details matter on most of the pieces at Lorford’s as in this 1830′s carved walnut chaise.

Yes! Layers of history/thoughts/discussion. Plus they don’t make ‘em like the used to. Love old juxtaposed against new. Nora Van Stelten

Chinese zodiac figures in jade green glaze

Jade green glazed Chinese zodiac figures created a stunning display when grouped together like this

Yes, it is one of the reasons I love design. Carol Raley

crystal chandelier at Lorford's in tetbury

We could see this amazing piece once again used in a modern living room with tall ceilings.

Always have to have something old with character and soul. Deborah Beau

1850's french oak cabinet at lorford's antique market

And more detailing that is just so hard to find in new pieces – this 1850′s French Oak cabinet with it’s beautifully mullioned doors stopped us in our tracks.

Absolutely! For many of the reasons above. It gives the home a sense of history. A collected space rather than a model provides a story to tell. The background, the acquisition, the place where it was found, the people .Totally different experience. Wanda Horton

copper pots and pans at Lorford's Tetbury

For the chef’s in our midst, this collection was a dream come true. Sold only as a set (sadly) we can only imagine how beautiful they will look in the future owner’s kitchen.

Yes! And if antiques are out of the budget we include vintage. History should always be a part of the story that any room has to tell. Krista Nye Schwartz

John Linnell style mid 18th century wheel back chairs

And then there was this! A set of four immaculate John Linnell style weelback chairs, mid 18th Century. Yes please!

Wanda Horton has it spot on! You want to tell a story about the people who live in the space, not just exist in it. It is so obvious when when a space says ” we went to the furniture store(or catalogs online) and bought everything” Antiques or vintage take thought or feeling to select…you loved the piece on sight, have been looking for it forever, or it has meaning to you. Patrick Landrum

French patisserie table at Lorford's

And finally, our model and fellow Design Hound Regina Sturrock shows off her favorite find, a vintage French patisserie table that would make an absolutely stunning kitchen island.

  • http://mlbinteriordesign.com/ Meredith Bohn

    This is at the very heart of my design philosophy…using antiques, vintage, family legacy pieces are essential to create a distinctive and personal home for today! Nothing “stuffy” about personality or patina which these pieces have plenty!


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